Benjamin Moróne

How Clockify helped Benjamin Moróne remove distractions, track team time, and improve workflows.

Benjamin Moróne


Benjamin Moróne is an entrepreneur with a background in recruitment and sales. He has vast experience pitching talented professionals to his clientele. In doing so, Benjamin spearheads the whole recruitment process.

Benjamin is the founder of Zabota, a vetting company that headhunts for European English-speaking talent in business.

Challenges Benjamin Moróne and his team faced

Recruitment wiz Benjamin Moróne used to have no idea how much time he spent idling around. He would dedicate countless hours to handling minor tasks that made no difference to his company’s bottom line.

Generally speaking, Benjamin had trouble tracking his work hours and the work hours of his growing team in the recruitment industry. This didn’t make anyone happy — his team or their clients.

Solutions Benjamin Moróne found with Clockify

When he discovered Clockify, Benjamin benefited massively from its powerful capabilities.

Overall, the Reports feature seems to be the most useful feature Benjamin has come across while using Clockify. To be more precise, the Attendance report lets him see his team’s work hours for the purpose of managing payroll later on. Now he can pay in a matter of seconds — but also show his clients what the team is up to via Attendance reports.

What’s more, Benjamin uses Airtable all the time, so he was amazed when he discovered that he could track time in Airtable’s Kanban cards using Clockify.

Who would Benjamin Moróne recommend Clockify to and why?

Benjamin Moróne recommends Clockify to all his clients because, in his words, “it is so simple to use.”

He recommends the app to startups, small business owners, and freelancers across the board.

Benjamin says that he’d recommend Clockify to people who want to get better at delegating tasks.

Another trump card for Benjamin was the fact he received unparalleled customer service at Clockify.

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