Keen Ltd

How Clockify helped Keen Ltd, a full-service web development and advertising agency, obtain the most accurate performance data.

Keen Ltd


Keen Ltd is a full-service web development and advertising agency that offers a vast range of services: Advertising, Branding, Web design, Development, SEO, and Link building.

They also provide companies with tailor-made strategies and help them grow their businesses by transforming their digital presence.

Challenges Keen Ltd faced

The two main challenges Keen Ltd had to tackle include:

"As a creative agency, the most valuable asset is the time of our creative team — we must treat this with utmost care."

Solutions Keen Ltd found with Clockify

Carolin Hyzyk, Director & Head of Business Development at Keen Ltd, claims that Clockify’s detailed time reporting system helped them break down the data necessary to charge their clients and assess their team’s performance.

"Clockify’s Reports feature is very handy and practical. It helps our Project Manager analyze how long certain jobs took — analyze per project, per team member, and per task over any time frame needed."

Who would Keen Ltd recommend Clockify to and why?

Carolin from Keen Ltd recommends Clockify to all companies that need to tackle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously:

"As a team, we believe that Clockify is good for any firm that juggles various accounts — as it will help them review internally if they are making profits on certain projects or tasks and where they can improve."

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