Employee & Project Scheduling Software

Schedule employees, visualize shifts and projects, plan resources on a timeline, and let team members track time they spend on their assignments.

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How to schedule projects and employees

Step 1

Create account

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Step 2

Set up projects

Create projects and categorize them by clients.

Set up projects and team for project and employee scheduling
Step 3

Invite team

Invite team members to schedule and who'll track time.

Invite employees
Step 4

Schedule work

Add projects, define milestones, create shifts, and plan work for your team on a timeline.

Schedule projects and shifts
Step 5

Create assignment

Define who needs to work on what and when, and add a note with more details.

Create assignment
Step 6

Manage capacity

Define who needs to work how much and see in the schedule:

  • Who's busy
  • Who's available
  • Who's overbooked
Schedule employees and manage capacity
Step 7

Track time

Let your team track time on projects using a hour tracker or by filling online timesheet so you can later analyze what was done in reports.

Time tracking apps
Step 8

Track progress

Set estimates and budget for tasks and projects, and later compare estimated vs tracked time.

Project progress
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