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Clockify is a simple time tracker that works exactly like Toggl, only it's 100% free for an unlimited number of users.

Number of people that started tracking time with Clockify in the last 7 days 6,992 people signed up last week

Over 10,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity
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Why look for Toggl alternative

Toggl is a great time tracking app. It's insanely simple and gives you exactly what you need to track time, increase productivity, and analyze your business.

The only bad thing about Toggl is the price.

If you run a company where everyone has to track time and fill their timesheets, Toggl can end up costing you hundreds of dollars each month.

Toggl does have a free plan, but half the features are locked away and you can't have more than 5 users, which is a problem when everyone in the company has to track time. Because there's nothing else that's both simple and affordable, we made Clockify and made it 100% free for teams of all sizes.

We manage to keep Clockify free by offering extra features and the ability to self‑host to enterprises that need more advanced stuff (like single sign-on, strict privacy compliance, and custom integration with internal systems).

When you're ready, you can import all your projects, clients, tags, and time entries into Clockify.

Clockify is same as Toggl, only 100% free

Clockify has more features than Toggl’s free plan (plus, we constantly work on new ones), you can have as many users as you want, and use all the features you see - all for free. This makes Clockify the perfect free Toggl alternative.

Works exactly like Toggl

If you're used to tracking time in Toggl, you'll immediately know how to use Clockify.

All features, for free

Toggl Starter plan costs $10/user/month. Clockify gives you the same features, and more, for free.

Unlimited users

Everyone in your team can use Clockify to track time and fill their timesheets.

Insanely simple to use

Just like in Toggl, you type what you're working on and start the timer with one click, hassle-free.

Clockify vs Toggl features

Main Clockify features

Features Toggl doesn't have

Paid Toggl features that are free in Clockify

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We got tired of paying hundreds of dollars for Toggl

I own a software development company and we were paying Toggl around $500 each month so all employees could log time and manage their timesheets. That's too much money for something so simple. So we created Clockify. It has everything a typical company really needs, without costing a fortune.

Photo of Nenad Milanovic, CEO at COING

Nenad Milanovic, CEO at COING