Best HR Software for 2024

HR software is of great importance since it helps companies manage their employees, employee-related processes, and confidential information. Therefore, choosing software to run your business smoothly can be a complex undertaking.

Still, HR software is a broad term and can be used for different purposes. So, we made certain to cover some of the most used Human Resource software, including:

We did thorough research to make sure we found the best possible software for each group and made our selection based on:

Stick around to find out about the best HR software currently available.

BambooHR — best for end-to-end recruiting processes

BambooHR HR software

As their slogan says, “from hire to retire,” BambooHR can serve as a great solution for onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between.

BambooHR really leaves a great impression at first glance — very intuitive interface and easily accessible features in the hiring section, such as Job openings, Candidates, and Talent Pool.

What sets BambooHR apart from other similar apps is that HR managers can use the New Hire Packet Template, which serves as a customizable template for onboarding purposes. As an HR, you can simply enter information about new hires, such as:

BambooHR new hire packet template
New Hire template in Bamboo

We really like the ability to add some Get to Know You questions in the template so the team can get familiar with the new employees or create tasks for new hires. BambooHR leaves nothing to chance when it comes to hiring new employees and making sure they are well-informed about the whole process.

BambooHR pros are:

BambooHR cons are:

What's new with BambooHR

BambooHR improved their payroll options as of September 2023. Users can now see dedicated tabs that show deductions, taxes, hours, and extra pay.

BambooHR pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ Hiring,
Applicant tracking,
PTO, etc.
Essentials plan Employee records,
Employee self-service,
Standard reporting and analytics,
Time-off management, etc.
Price on request
Advantage plan Essentials plan,
Applicant tracking system,
Employee wellbeing surveys, etc.
Price on request

Who can use BambooHR

Mid-sized businesses.

BambooHR platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Manatal — best AI-powered software for recruiting

Manatal HR software

AI-powered recruiting software Manatal is built with one goal in mind — to speed up the recruiting processes and source the best hires.

Namely, Manatal AI Engine promises to find the perfect candidate based on your job requirements — by browsing over 20+ social media and public platforms, including LinkedIn, Medium, GitHub, and more.

What we liked about Manatal is its intuitive homepage that provides a very clear breakdown of:

Also, adding a job candidate in Manatal is very straightforward — you can do it:

Manatal software - create candidate
Adding candidates in Manatal

Choose the way that fits you, and enjoy the recruiting processes fast and easy with Manatal.

Manatal pros are:

Manatal cons are:

What's new with Manatal

In September 2023, Manatal released SMS messaging within their app. This way, you can communicate with your candidates without using a third-party app.

Manatal pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ 14-day free trial that includes:
Creating jobs, candidates, and departments,
Managing employees, and
Professional plan Up to 15 jobs per account,
Up to 10,000 candidates,
Unlimited hiring managers, etc.
$15/user/month if billed yearly
Enterprise plan Unlimited jobs, candidates,
Unlimited hiring managers, etc.
$35/user/month if billed yearly

Users can also ask for a custom plan — you can contact their sales team to get a quote for a custom plan based on your business needs.

Who can use Manatal

The tool is a good choice for HR teams, recruiters, and headhunters.

Manatal platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Workable — best for managing entire recruiting processes

Workable HR software

Workable will help you discover top talent and hire the most suitable candidates, due to the variety of recruiting and onboarding options it comes with. Workable boosts your recruiting processes by automating job posting across 200+ job websites, including Google, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

To be able to post a job using Workable, you should:

Workable software - create job
Posting a job in Workable

Next, you will be asked to enter the job requirements, job benefits, employment details, and finally, annual salary.

Workable software - create job
Posting a job in Workable

Our personal opinion is that adding an estimated annual salary to a job posting adds value to the posting itself, and we found the fact that Workable encourages that remarkable.

Workable pros are:

Workable cons are:

What's new with Workable

Workable became Indeed's Platinum Partner at the beginning of 2023. As a result, Workable users now have access to exclusive resources, integrations, and tools to enhance their recruiting processes.

Workable pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ 15-day free trial includes:
Job postings,
Candidate search,
Scheduling events,
Reporting, etc.
Starter plan Occasional hiring,
Up to 2 active jobs with access to all features.
$149/month (billed exclusively monthly)
Standard plan Consistent hiring,
Unlimited active jobs, and
Access to all features.
$299/month if billed annually

Who can use Workable

Small businesses, midsize businesses, freelancers, large enterprises.

Workable platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Freshteam by Freshworks — best for candidate resume sorting

Freshteam by Freshworks HR software

Freshteam is a tool that allows you to track job candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring processes, such as:

The best thing about tracking job candidates in Freshteam, based on our observation, is that you can save your favorite candidates and their resumes thanks to the Freshteam Talent Pool option.

With the Talent Pool option, you can archive job candidates that weren't a great fit for a current position but might be for some future positions.

When you decide to archive a candidate for a future job opening, simply go to the Candidates section and click on the in-tray icon next to the candidate's name to move it safely to the Talent pool. Later, you can:

Freshteam software - talent pool
Talent Pool in Freshteam

Then, as soon as you create a job posting, Freshteam will send you a notification if you have a suitable candidate in the Talent pool.

Freshteam pros are:

Freshteam con is:

What's new with Freshteam

In 2022, Freshteam introduced Checkr — an AI-powered tool for in-depth background checks that recruiters can conduct to get a better insight into potential job candidates.

Freshteam pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✔️ (up to 50 employees) Job-specific hiring teams,
Interview scorecards,
Team inbox, etc.
Free trial ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Growth plan All the features from the Free plan,
Multiple career mailboxes,
Job boards integrations,
Vendor management, etc.
$1.20/user/month if billed monthly + $71 platform fee/month
Pro plan All the features from the Growth plan,
Custom job fields,
Managing jobs across multiple locations,
Sponsored job postings, etc.
$2.40/user/month if billed monthly + $119 platform fee/month
Enterprise plan All the features from the plans above,
One click data export,
Unlimited number of job postings, etc.
$4.80/user/month if billed monthly + $203 platform fee/month

Who can use Freshteam

Businesses of any size, especially growing businesses.

Freshteam platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

JazzHR — best for automating hiring processes

JazzHR HR software

JazzHR is, among other things, an applicant tracking system that will help you optimize and automate your recruiting processes without wasting precious resources.

Thanks to its third-party integrations with some of the leading hiring software such as JobTarget, Verified First, Nonprofit HR, and others, you will be able to reach more quality candidates in the blink of an eye.

As filtering applicants is one of the crucial processes regarding applicant tracking software, JazzHR has an easy solution for you. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar to be able to run a quick search by typing a candidate's name, email address, or phone number.

JazzHR software - candidate search
JazzHR candidate search

We appreciate having the option to quickly search for something through the magnifying glass option (and not many software offer this option).

Moreover, with the JazzHR Bulk Email add-on, you can keep candidates informed on their progress, let existing candidates know about new job openings, or even send bulk rejection letters.

JazzHR software - email addon
JazzHR Bulk Email add-on

JazzHR pros are:

JazzHR cons

What's new with JazzHR

JazzHR added a new feedback feature called Candidate Scorecard this year. This feature enables bias-free candidate feedback thanks to its standardized grading criteria.

JazzHR pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ 14-day free trial includes:
Creating jobs,
Managing candidates, and
Hero plan Job posting,
Posting up to 3 jobs at once, and
Unlimited users.
$49/month if billed annually, add more jobs for $9/job/month
Hero price for staffing companies is $99/month
Plus plan Includes all the features from the Hero plan, plus
Unlimited open jobs and users.
$239 month/on an annual plan
Pro plan Includes all the features from the Plus plan,
Compliance, and all-access support.
$359 month/on an annual plan

Who can use JazzHR

Small businesses and freelancers.

JazzHR platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows

Teamtailor — best for managing ongoing recruiting processes

Teamtailor HR software

Teamtailor is a modern recruitment platform that helps you attract and hire top talent, while building strong relationships with your job candidates.

While testing the app, Teamtailor seemed quite easy to use and navigate. As for candidate tracking during the recruitment process, we found a very useful option in Teamtailor — Guide time.

Namely, Guide time is used for better candidate tracking according to the stages in the recruitment process. You just need to go to the Candidates section where all your candidates are listed, and select the name of the candidate whose status you want to see.

Teamtailor software - candidate tracking
Candidate tracking using the Guide time feature in Teamtailor

When you click on the job candidate's name, you will see 5 stages candidates can be moved to:

Every time you move a candidate from one stage to another, a notification will show up on the right side of the screen stating the time and date and the stage where you moved the candidate.

Guide time is used to set the maximum time a candidate can stay in a specific stage, and when that time passes, the app will mark the candidate as Overdue.

Teamtailor software - overdue candidates
Marking candidates as Overdue in Teamtailor

To set the Guide time, click on the three dots in the right corner and tailor it according to your needs and objectives.

We find this an amazing candidate tracking option that makes it easier for HR managers to set and achieve goals during the recruitment process.

Teamtailor pros are:

Teamtailor cons are:

What's new with Teamtailor

In September 2023, Teamtailor integrated with Deel, an all-in-one HR platform for global teams. Teamtailor users can now create localized legal contracts, track time off, grant bonuses, etc.

Teamtailor pricing and plans

You will have to contact their sales team for the pricing details. However, Teamtailor offers a free trial.

Who can use Teamtailor

Businesses of any size.

Teamtailor platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

ThriveSparrow — best for connecting your workforce together

ThriveSparrow HR software

ThriveSparrow is software with features mainly focused on elevating employee experience and employee engagement.

ThriveSparrow nurtures an employee-first culture. With that in mind, in ThriveSparrow, HR managers can:

As for its functionalities, ThriveSparrow offers several features for engaging people within an organization. We particularly like its Feed section that basically resembles a social media network where everyone from the team can communicate, recognize employees through giving kudos, share news, and more.

As for granting kudos in ThriveSparrow, simply:

ThriveSparrow software - granting kudos
Granting Kudos in ThriveSparrow

As soon as you click on the Grant button, the post is visible within your team/organization, and other members can share their excitement by adding comments or using emoji reactions. This way, employee feedback is visible to everyone, which increases transparency within an organization and boosts employee motivation.

ThriveSparrow pros are:

ThriveSparrow cons is:

What's new with ThriveSparrow

ThriveSparrow keeps its users in suspense as it will expand its feature collection with Performance reviews, Goals, and One-on-ones very soon.

ThriveSparrow pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ 14-day trial offers:
Kudos, and
Engage plan All standard features,
Research backed question banks,
Customizable surveys, etc.
$3/user/month if billed annually
Kudos plan All standard features,
Customizable kudos cards,
The option to give and receive kudos from Slack, etc.
$2/user/month if billed annually
Engage + Kudos plan All features from Engage,
All features from Kudos,
HRIS integrations, etc.
$4/user/month if billed annually

Who can use ThriveSparrow

Businesses of all sizes.

ThriveSparrow platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows

Jotform — best for creating online forms

Jotform HR software

Jotform is a platform that uses online forms as its main employee engagement feature and offers its users 10,000+ ready-made form templates for different purposes, such as payment forms, application forms, signup forms, and many others.

As for elevating and encouraging employee engagement within an organization, HR managers can use their ready-made questionnaires, quizzes, feedback forms, pools, employee satisfaction surveys, and more.

Out of thousands of templates available within Jotform, we would like to single out its employee satisfaction survey templates. HR managers can use them to get a better insight into their employee satisfaction in the workplace.

All you need to do is:

Jotform software - employee engagement survey
Employee engagement survey in Jotform

There's a plethora of options to customize your survey — choosing the rating system, adding different elements (e-signature, company logo, captcha, page break, etc.), choosing the color, style, or theme of your future survey, and much more.

We think this might be the most feature-rich online form maker we've ever tried (and we've tried dozens so far).

Jotform pros are:

Jotform cons are:

What's new with Jotform

At the end of 2023, Jotform connected with Salesforce, and users are now able to collect data easily, thanks to its no-code form builder and automation features such as dynamic prefill, e-signatures, shareable apps, and more.

Jotform pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✔️ All features,
5 forms,
100 monthly submissions,
100 MB available space, etc.
Free trial ✔️ No time limit, offers:
Most of the features,
Limited monthly submissions,
Limited memory space, etc.
Bronze plan All features,
25 forms,
1,000 monthly submissions,
1 GB available space, etc.
$19.50/month if billed annually
Silver plan All features,
50 forms,
2,500 monthly submissions,
10 GB available space, etc.
$24.50/user/month if billed annually
Gold plan All features,
100 forms,
10,000 monthly submissions,
100 GB available space, etc.
$64.50/user/month if billed annually

Who can use Jotform

Business of any size.

Jotform platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Employment Hero — best for conducting surveys

Employment Hero HR software

Employment Hero is an all-in-one HR software that offers numerous features to operate your team at every stage.

Apart from its plethora of features for HR operations, Employment Hero helps companies develop and grow the company culture that everyone enjoys. Rewards, recognition, happiness surveys — these are only some of the Employment Hero ways to engage employees effectively.

Employment Hero simplifies the process of getting employee feedback via monthly employee engagement surveys. Such surveys help HR managers measure how satisfied and motivated employees are.

On the left-hand side menu, there's an option to click on Engagement to choose from Happiness Surveys and Custom Surveys. We wanted to see what Happiness Surveys in Employment Hero looked like, and we found out that the app allows you to create a custom survey and use a happiness scale graph where employees can score their satisfaction at work from 1 to 10.

Employment Hero software - employee happiness survey
Happiness survey in Employment Hero

Also, employees may leave a comment in a comment box to elaborate on their answers in more detail. The app guarantees that all submissions are anonymous.

After the employees have completed their survey, you will get the results in the form of a graph that will show the respondents' answers. Green colors show happy employees, while pink color indicates unhappy employees. Based on our observation, Employee Hero turned out to be a very transparent and intuitive tool.

Employment Hero software - employee happiness results
Employment happiness chart results in Employment Hero

Employment Hero pros are:

Employment Hero cons are:

What's new with Employment Hero

In May 2023, they introduced AI enhancements to email templates, happiness surveys, job descriptions, recognition, shoutouts, feedback, and more. Such enhancements help teams and managers communicate in a more efficient way, while boosting employee confidence at the same time.

Employment Hero pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✔️ Job board integration,
Candidate tracking and communication,
Careers page, etc.
Free trial ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
HR Standard plan Onboarding checklists,
HR document library,
VEVO checks,
Leave management, etc.
$8/user/month (minimum $80/month)
HR Premium plan Performance reviews,
Learning Management System,
Custom reporting, etc.
$11/user (minimum $110/month)
HR Platinum Unlimited phone support,
Goal setting,
Custom fields, etc.
Price on request

Who can use Employment Hero

Businesses of any size, freelancers.

Employment Hero platforms supported

Web, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android

15Five — best for increasing employee engagement

15Five HR software

15Five is a performance management app that focuses on maximizing employee engagement, productivity, and retention. It's specifically designed to help HR leaders encourage high performance.

15Five uses ready-made performance reviews that you can customize to fit your company's culture. With 15Five, performance review cycles are no longer daunting but easy to run since the tool helps managers evaluate employee performance, set goals for them, and find areas of improvement.

The great thing about 15Five is the option to manage and track the company's Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). In the All objectives section, managers can set personal or company-oriented goals, assign tasks to people, see goal progress, and more.

15Five software - all objectives
Objectives dashboard in 15Five

To create new objectives, simply:

15Five software - setting new objectives
Setting objectives in 15Five

Next, you can align your newly created objective with a parent objective (optional step), define your key results, and create a start and end time for your objective. As simple as that.

15Five pros are:

15Five cons are:

What's new with 15Five

As of 2022, admins can now use employee ID rather than email address to find and access employee data faster.

15Five pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ 14-day trial for Engage and Perform plans ✖️
Engage plan Engagement surveys,
Analytics, etc.
$4/user/month if billed annually
Perform plan Performance reviews,
Goal management,
Core platform, etc.
$10/user/month if billed annually
Total Platform plan Engage and Perform plans,
HR outcomes dashboard, etc.
$16/user/month if billed annually

Who can use 15Five

Mid-sized to large businesses.

15Five platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

WebHR — best for conducting performance reviews

WebHR HR software

WebHR is a human resource management software that automates your company's HR processes, such as onboarding, recruitment, payroll, performance, and more. With WebHR, HR managers can create a positive appraisal experience by setting clear company goals and expectations.

WebHR may be a great solution for organizations wishing to maintain employee engagement and high performance thanks to its performance management features.

In WebHR, HR managers can design custom Performance evaluation templates or create them from scratch to evaluate employee performance using objectives, KPIs, and competency indicators. The following are some example templates you can use, such as annual performance appraisal, employee performance factor, and more.

WebHR software - performance reviews
Performance reviews in WebHR

If you would like to assess an employee's performance, the app offers extensive templates with questions related to employee quality of work, punctuality, and more. Simply tick the rating that best describes employee performance according to the given criteria.

WebHR software - performance review template
Performance review template in WebHR

What we like most about these assessments is that WebHR encourages you to be detailed when providing feedback by writing about each employee's achievements or giving extra comments if needed.

WebHR pros are:

WebHR cons are:

What's new with WebHR

WebHR's stayed true to its tried and tested formula for a while now, so they haven't made any significant changes to their software over the years.

WebHR pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Free trial ✔️ Time and attendance,
Social HR,
Dynamic dashboards, etc.
WebHR plan Time and attendance,
Social HR,
Dynamic dashboards,
Recruitment/applicant tracking*,
HR letters*, and
$2/user/month if billed annually (for 5 employees, the price depends on the number of employees)
*Recruitment/applicant tracking add-on + $0.50,
*Performance add-on + $1,
*eSignature add-on + $0.50,
*Forms add-on + $0.25,
*HR letters add-on + $0.25,
*Benefits add-on + $1.

*To be able to use add-ons for recruitment, applicant tracking, performance, eSignatures, forms, HR letters and benefits, you must pay additional money on a monthly subscription.

Who can use WebHR

Businesses of any size.

WebHR platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android — best for maximizing employee and company

Monday HR software

Monday is an all-in-one performance management app that encourages organized and collaborative ways of working.

Monday offers a plethora of features that may help you manage the most important elements of a performance management process — planning, communication, reviewing, and support.

We would like to single out Monday's performance review feature. The feature gives you the option to see teams grouped based on departments with the ratings and assessments of their performance visible next to their names.

Monday software - performance review
Performance reviews in Monday

You may score the quality of their work, initiative, technical knowledge, punctuality, and other aspects as — good, excellent, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory.

We find employee review performance in Monday quite useful as they help HR managers identify top performers and see how they grow, or record poor performers to be able to take timely action.

Monday pros are:

Monday cons are:

What's new with Monday

Monday's newest release was in October 2023, and admins can now define “team owners” who are able to make changes on the team, such as adding or removing team members, creating sub-teams, changing the team name, and more.

Monday pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✔️ Up to 3 boards,
Unlimited docs,
200+ templates, etc.
Free trial ✔️ Available for each plan ✖️
Basic plan Unlimited free viewers,
Unlimited items,
Create a dashboard based on 1 board, etc.
$8.50/seat/month if billed annually
Standard plan Includes all Basic plan feature,
Timeline and Gantt view,
Guest access, etc.
$10.60/user/month if billed annually
Pro plan Includes all Standard and Basic plan features,
Private boards,
Automations, etc.
$17/user/month if billed annually

Who can use Monday

Businesses of any size, freelancers.

Monday platforms supported

Web, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android

Absorb LMS — best for AI-powered learning

Abosrb LMS HR software

Absorb LMS is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline learning processes within an organization.

Absorb LMS offers a smooth learning experience to both learners and administrators through features such as social learning, learning paths, gamification, and more.

What we would like to single out when trying out Absorb LMS is that learners get a chance to enjoy an AI-powered learning experience, while admins can manage and track progress throughout the learning processes trouble-free. For a better learning experience, learners can:

We find it amusing that you can create custom quizzes with questions of your choice (true or false, multiple choice, etc.), and enable scoring and passing grades.

To create a quiz, you will need to add a Quiz page to your course, name your quiz, choose the type of quiz you want (true or false, multiple choice, etc.), and start writing your questions.

Absorb LMS - quiz making
Creating a quiz in Absorb LMS

On your right-hand side, you are able to see options for scoring, setting a passing grade, allowing question skipping, and more.

Absorb LMS pros are:

Absorb LMS cons are:

What's new with Absorb LMS

In October 2023, Absorb LMS announced a collaboration with ChurnZero, a customer success platform, to help companies boost their customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.

Absorb LMS pricing and plans

Absorb LMS offers custom pricing based on the number of your employees and your specific business needs. There's a free trial within the app.

Who can use Absorb LMS

Businesses of any size.

Absorb LMS platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

TalentLMS — best for ready-made learning courses

TalentLMS HR software

TalentLMS is a learning management platform perfect for creating and managing online courses.

With TalentLMS, you can access a library of ready-made courses that focus on improving your team's soft skills. TalentLMS allows you to provide lifelong training to your employees no matter where they are, which is a great option for remote teams.

In the toolbar section, you are able to choose between 3 roles in TalentLMS:

  1. Instructor — creates new courses and assigns users to a course,
  2. Administrator — manages users and creates reports, and
  3. Learner — has an overview of courses and takes courses when assigned.

If you want to create a course as an instructor, all you need to do is click on Add course in the instructor's dashboard.

The platform allows you to customize the course to your needs:

TalentLMS - course creation
Adding a course in TalentLMS

Finally, pick one of the default certificate templates or make your own to award your learners for completing the course successfully.

What we find really useful about this course-making platform is that instructors can even include a video with course instructions to make it easier for the learners if they have any concerns about the course (use a YouTube or Vimeo URL).

TalentLMS pros are:

TalentLMS cons are:

What's new with TalentLMS

In May 2021, TalentLMS released Training matrix, a feature that users can use to see the course progress from a single page.

TalentLMS pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✔️ Each plan has a free version with limited features and no time limit. ✖️
Free trial ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
Starter plan (up to 40 users) Unlimited courses,
Email support,
Custom homepage, etc.
$69/month if billed annually
Basic plan (up to 100 users) Unlimited courses,
Email support,
Single sign-on support,
Custom domain + SSL, etc.
$149/month if billed annually

Who can use TalentLMS

Businesses of any size, freelancers.

TalentLMS platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

D2L Brightspace — best for employee training

D2L Brightspace HR software

D2L Brightspace is a learning management platform that offers possibilities for high-quality learning, both for schools or businesses.

With D2L Brightspace's intuitive platform, you provide your employees with meaningful learning opportunities and help them improve their knowledge and skills through custom courses and assessments.

To create a custom course as a Course designer in D2L Brightspace, go to Build your course on the homepage and click on Create New. The software will then ask you about the content you would like to create — new lesson, quiz, assignment, and others.

D2L Brightspace - course creation
Creating a custom course in D2L

For this purpose, we chose to create a new Assignment. Creating an assignment in D2L is very straightforward — name it, set the due date, set grading points, and provide learner instructions. As for giving instructions to your learners, you can upload photos, record audio or video, share links, and more.

D2L Brightspace - assignment creation
Creating an assignment in D2L

What's more, you can add release conditions so that users can view or access the assignment after they meet the necessary conditions, add task submission conditions, and more.

We like that the platform offers flexible and scalable learning opportunities to its users while course designers can create custom courses that fit their needs.

D2L Brightspace pros are:

D2L Brightspace cons are:

What's new with D2L Brightspace

Last year, D2L introduced the Creator+ feature, thanks to which users can now craft advanced interactive content using visual effects.

D2L Brightspace pricing and plans

You'll have to contact their support team for the pricing details. There's a free trial within the app.

Who can use D2L Brightspace

Businesses of any size.

D2L Brightspace platforms supported

Web, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android

Homebase — best for fast payroll running

Homebase HR software

Homebase is a payroll tool that also offers employee scheduling and time tracking.

Homebase makes running payrolls a breeze — HR managers can turn their employee timesheets into payroll. Later on, Homebase automatically processes employee tax filings according to state, local, and federal requirements.

To run payrolls in Homebase, go to the Payroll section and click Start payroll. Homebase will then lead you to the section where you can see a breakdown of your employees':

You can basically just go through this and edit any crucial fields if necessary since Homebase automatically imports them for regular payroll, and this is probably the best thing about this software.

Homebase - running payroll
Running payroll in Homebase

When you click Next, you will see benefits, taxes, post-tax deductions, and net pay for each employee. Edit any entries if necessary (again, the app automatically fills these fields based on employee location, hourly pay, marital status, etc.). If everything seems right, click Next to move on to the Review and submit payroll page.

Homebase - running payroll
Running payroll in Homebase

Finally, you will be able to see a payroll summary. The Total Payroll Cost amount is the actual sum of wages, taxes, and benefits.

Homebase - running payroll
Running payroll in Homebase

In the end, click Submit payroll and you are done.

Homebase pros are:

Homebase cons are:

What's new with Homebase

In December 2022, Homebase released new updates to the software including:

Homebase pricing and plans

Plan Features included in the plan Pricing
Free plan ✔️ One location and up to 20 employees,
Timesheets and time clock,
Hiring, and
Payroll add-on.
Free trial ✔️ 14-day free trial offers:
Reports, and
Essentials plan Unlimited employees,
All features from the Free plan,
Team communication,
Performance tracking,
Remote and field tools, and
Payroll add-on.
$20/location/month if billed annually
Plus plan Unlimited employees,
All features from the Essentials plan,
Labor cost controls and budgets,
Time-off limits and PTO,
Permissions and policies, and
Payroll add-on.
$48/location/month if billed annually
All-in-one plan Unlimited employees,
All features from the Plus plan,
New hire onboarding,
Employee documents,
HR and Compliance, and
Payroll add-on.
$80/location/month if billed annually

Who can use Homebase

Businesses of any size.

Homebase platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Wave — best small business payroll software

Wave HR software

Wave is perfect for keeping track of your cash flow — cash coming in and going out of your business, together with your profit and loss (expenses, unpaid invoices, etc.).

Wave eases both employee and admin-related tasks. It offers employees the option to:

On the other hand, admins can:

Profit and loss statements explained (+ templates and examples)

To pay your employees using Wave, you first need to make sure that you've previously:

Now, it's time to run payroll.

When you click on Run payroll, you'll see a calendar where you need to edit the start/end dates of the pay period and the payday based on the pay frequency you've previously chosen.

Wave - running payroll
Running payroll in Wave

We find it very useful that the software alerts you if you haven't completed any of the required steps above. In that case, a notice will pop out stating the things you must complete to run payroll successfully. If there are not notices that you must address, then click on Approve this payroll to run payroll successfully.

Wave pros are:

Wave cons are:

What's new with Wave

In 2022, Wave updated its automatic tax payment processes for US customers. Before this update, Wave had to schedule all tax payment withdrawals with the receiving agency, but now Wave can make those withdrawals by itself.

Wave pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✔️ Accounting, and
Free trial ✔️ 30-day free trial offers:
Accounting, and
Tax service states Direct deposit,
Taxes, etc.
$40/month + $6 per active employee + $6 per independent contractor paid
Self service states Direct deposit,
Taxes, etc.
$20/month + $6 per active employee + $6 per independent contractor paid

Who can use Wave

Small businesses, freelancers.

Wave platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

How to do payroll for small business

What software do HR people use?

Different HR professionals have various software needs, depending on the tasks they're currently performing, and these needs and tasks determine what software they'll use. Let's go over some of the most frequently used HR software.

#1: Recruiting software — to manage recruitment tasks

Apps that offer recruiting features to their users help recruiters post jobs, attract people, and simplify communication between them and job candidates. They usually work as an all-in-one app that offers secure storage of employee data and easy navigation through recruiting processes — from sourcing to hiring.

The common features of recruiting software include:

#2: Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) — to track job applicants

Applicant tracking software helps you manage candidate sourcing and evaluation tasks, as well as oversee the hiring process from start to finish. In other words, ATS software is designed to simplify the candidate sourcing process by letting HR managers collect, sort, and scan resumes automatically based on keywords and job descriptions they've created.

The most common features of applicant tracking software include:

#3: Employee engagement software — to track employee engagement

Overall, employee engagement applications help companies keep employee satisfaction high. Meaning, engaged employees are satisfied employees who perform better, resulting in decreased employee turnover.

Employee engagement software helps you handle a variety of employee engagement tasks, including increasing sales, decreasing turnover, and improving training.

The common features of employee engagement software include:

#4: Performance management software — to track employee performance and give appraisals

Performance management software is designed to increase workforce productivity and make sure employees are aligned with the company's goals and objectives. This type of software helps managers write job profiles, describe expectations for job positions, and deliver assessments of employee work.

Performance management software also aims to improve employee engagement by providing transparency, recognition, and feedback.

The common features of performance management software include:

#5: Learning management software — to provide employees with learning opportunities

Learning management software helps companies provide training courses and programs. This type of software allows companies to teach new skills and expand on their employees' skills through quizzes, games, and other gamified learning methods.

The common features of learning management software include:

#6: Payroll software — to manage payroll

Last but not least — payroll software is used for running employee payroll. Such software usually consists of features for managing, tracking, and automating employee payments. This type of software also helps companies handle payroll before sending out invoices in accordance with current taxes and regulations, and helps them make sure their employees are paid what they're due and on time.

The common features of payroll software include:

How to calculate work hours: A step-by-step guide to calculating payroll and hours worked

Recruiting Applicant tracking Employee engagement Performance management Learning management Payroll
Purpose Manage recruitment tasks Track applicants that applied to your vacant job positions Providing employee feedback, giving appraisals, and helping teams stay connected Tracking the performance of employees, setting goals, and measuring the results Providing employees with learning opportunities Handling payroll-related processes
Usual features • Resume management
• Resume reviewing and storage
• Recruitment process management
• Employee referrals
• Candidate experience
• Interview scheduling
• Employee onboarding
• Reward-based system
• Surveys
• Goal management
• Performance reviews
• Analytics and reporting
• Performance tracking
• Tests and assessments
• Course calendars
• Payroll processing
• Tax calculations
• Payroll compliance
Best software • BambooHR
• Manatal
• Workable
• Freshteam
• JazzHR
• Teamtailor
• ThriveSparrow
• Jotform
• Employment Hero
• 15Five
• WebHR
• Monday
• Absorb LMS
• TalentLMS
• D2L Brightspace
• Homebase
• Wave
Starting price BambooHR - price on request,
Manatal starts at $15/user/month,
Workable starts at $149/month
Freshteam starts at $1.20/user/month + $71 platform fee/month,
JazzHR starts at $49/month,
Teamtailor - price on request
ThriveSparrow starts at $3/user/month,
Jotform starts at $19.50/month,
Employment Hero starts at $8/user/month
15Five starts at $4/user/month,
WebHR starts at $2/user/month,
Monday starts at $8.50/seat/month
Absorb LMS - price on request,
TalentLMS starts at $69/month,
D2L Brightspace - price on request
Homebase starts at $20/location/month,
Wave starts at $40/month

How to choose a perfect HR software for your business (+ steps)?

Opting for the right HR software for your business after reading this extensive review list may seem hard. However, we provide you with some easy-to-follow steps for choosing the best one for your needs.

Step #1: Determine your business needs

This is a crucial step because knowing where your business stands right now and where you want it to be may help in making the right decision.

Meaning, if you, for instance, feel like there's a lack of satisfaction among your workers or your turnover rate is higher than usual, you may consider implementing an employee engagement software into your business (or change the existing one, for that matter).

Such software may be of help to you in terms of:

Therefore, think about your business objective before you invest in wrong HR software and spend your resources in vain.

Step #2: Involve your team in decision making

It goes without saying that selecting the right software for your business should be done in agreement with your team. Brainstorming ideas in a group can result in making effective, more deliberate decisions. Whether you opt for a meeting or conduct an online survey, make sure you ask questions like:

How can HR software benefit us?
What's wrong with the existing HR software?
What challenges is the HR team facing right now?
Which features should a perfect HR software include?

Consulting with your team will greatly aid your decision-making process of introducing the right HR software into your organization.

Step #3: Do your research

Now that you are familiar with your needs and you've consulted with your team, it's time to see what's out there.

The HR software collection is undoubtedly vast, so finding the right one for your needs may be daunting. If you'd like to see what's out there on top of the apps explored in this guide, software review websites may offer in-depth descriptions of popular HR software currently on the market. You may even see user comments, grades, screenshots, demo videos, steps on how to use an app, and more.

Step #4: Try before you buy

Don't make a reckless choice and buy software that you are not sure is the right solution for your business. Most software-making providers on the market offer a free trial of their products, so make use of it!

Trying out different software will help you decide what works best for you. Look at the following tips when testing out software:

Furthermore, if you don't have enough time to test out the software, don't hesitate to ask for a trial extension — most commonly the sales team will be more than happy to do it.

Step #5: Be aware of your budget

Finally, make sure you set a budget for this undertaking that you will stay within. Luckily, in this text, you can find comprehensive pricing lists and plans for each HR software. Most of them are based on fixed amounts plus charges per user paid monthly (you may also choose between annual or monthly billing, however, annual billing is a more affordable option).

Therefore, take into consideration the size of your business and start comparing prices and plans.

Bonus software: Time clock & timesheet software Clockify

Clockify HR software

Clockify is a time tracking software that HR specialists can use to track their employee work hours (billable or non-billable) spent on a specific project or task (individuals can also use it for time tracking purposes).
The best thing about Clockify is its simplicity regarding time tracking, but also the fact that it provides a detailed overview of everyone's logged work hours that can further be used for scheduling, running reports, or forecasting projects.

In Clockify, you can choose how you want to track your time. If your choice is to enter hours manually, then open the online timesheet, select what you've worked on and enter the time for the corresponding day.

Clockify timesheet
Enter work hours manually in Clockify

Or, start a timer, and your hours get automatically recorded — you'll still be able to edit logged hours later on if there's been some changes along the way. As for projects and tasks, you create custom projects and tasks you or your employees are working on.

Clockify timer
Let Clockify automatically track your work hours

Later, you can run a report for any period you wish, and the software breaks down all the time by employees and project and even calculates pay (or cost) according to each person's hourly rate.

We think it's great that the app lets you choose the way you want to track your time. Sometimes we forget to start the timer, and the fact that Clockify lets you add it later, makes you feel at ease.

Clockify pros

Clockify cons

What's new with Clockify

As of 2023, all users can now track break time via Time tracker. What's more, you can now export all projects into the CSV or Excel format.

Clockify pricing and plans

Plan Features Pricing
Free plan ✔️ Unlimited time tracking,
Pomodoro timer,
Reporting, etc.
Free trial ✔️ 7-day free trial of all PRO features, no credit card required (you can even extend your free trial by contacting their sales team) ✖️
Basic plan All Free features,
Time audit,
Custom report,
Kiosk PIN,
Bulk edit, etc.
$3.99/user/month if billed annually
Standard plan All Basic features,
Time off,
Lock time,
Task rates,
Attendance, etc.
$5.49/user/month if billed annually
Pro plan All Standard features,
Estimates, etc.
$7.99/user/month if billed annually
Enterprise plan All Pro features,
Custom subdomain,
Control accounts,
Single sign-on, etc.
$11.99/user/month if billed annually

Who can use Clockify
Freelancers, small businesses, and teams of any size.

Clockify platforms supported

Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Smart choice of software can streamline human resource processes

Implementing a quality HR software into your business may ease and automate the time-consuming tasks and operations.

As you can see, there is a vast number of HR software for different purposes. While choosing the one for your needs, make sure you cover the following points:

We tried hard to test each app from the list, and we hope we helped you find the one that is suitable for your needs.

Also, don't forget to track your employee hours and attendance, as it is the cornerstone of each HR process. Keep track of your employee hours and attendance fast and easy by signing up with Clockify the most popular free time tracker for teams.

Sign up for Clockify here.