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Free schedule templates you can use to organize your tasks, assignments, and other activities.

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Schedule Templates

Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are designed to help you plan your time better — your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and activities.

We divided these templates into Work and Non-work schedule templates. Therefore, you can track both your job tasks and the activities outside your work hours.

In case you want to share these templates with your colleagues, your partner, or friends, you can use the Google Sheets and Google Docs versions of the schedules.

On the other hand, if you'd like to download these templates to your computer, feel free to use the Word and Excel versions.

Finally, if you prefer paper to online formats, bear in mind that you can download each of these schedules as a PDF, and then print them out.



Work schedule templates

We created these free work schedule templates to help you be more productive and efficient with your work tasks.

You'll notice that some templates cover your daily, weekly, and monthly assignments, while other templates only provide you with one type of assignment.

That's because some types of schedules demand more details, such as the Work from home template — which is why this one has both the daily and weekly versions.

Work from home schedule template

When working from home, you often have to deal with many distractions, either coming from your neighborhood, from the people you live with, or your pets.

One of the best ways to avoid all these interruptions and get back on track with your work is to follow your schedule.

Here are two Work from home schedule templates you can use to organize your workday — or workweek, if that suits you better.

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Weekly work from home schedule template

The Weekly work from home schedule template breaks down each day into three sections: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Furthermore, there's a Weekly work checklist, and Meetings/calls section.

If you enjoy having an overview of your weekly tasks, this template will suit you, especially if you have flexible working hours. In this case, you'll be able to choose the time of day for your job assignments, then figure out when you'll fit in your home chores or meal preps.

Of course, even if you have fixed working hours, this template will help you make an 8-hour workday schedule that suits your needs.

To use it properly, you should fill this template out either on Sunday afternoon/Monday morning or note down new tasks every day.

Start by choosing the time of the day for each assignment during the week.

To ensure you'll get the most out of every workday, keep in mind your circadian rhythm — leave the most complex tasks for the time of the day when you're most alert. Then, be sure to add all your significant weekly tasks to the Weekly work checklist, as well as jot down all your weekly meetings and calls.

We hope that the Work from home weekly schedule template will help you finish your job tasks on time.

Once again, remember to take frequent breaks in between assignments.

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Weekly work from home schedule template

Daily work from home schedule template

The Daily work from home schedule template ensures you stay on track with all your daily tasks. This template breaks down your day into hourly segments. In addition, there's a valuable section called the Daily work checklist, where you can input all the most crucial activities/tasks of the day. Moreover, there's a To-do list for tomorrow, which you can fill out at the end of each day.

Anyone working from home can surely benefit from using this template. We suggest opening this template first thing in the morning.

Make sure to note down your most vital tasks and activities in the Daily work checklist section. Next, write down your meetings of the day. Once you do that, you'll have a better idea of when you'll be free to deal with your significant assignments. Don't forget to include breaks throughout the day, too.

Finally, to avoid working overtime, you should note down all the tasks for tomorrow in the To-do list for tomorrow.

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Daily Work From Home Schedule

Assignments schedule template

We created two types of templates that allow you to keep track of your assignments:

  1. Weekly assignments schedule, and
  2. Daily assignments schedule.

Weekly assignments schedule template

The Weekly assignments schedule is quite straightforward — there's a simple table where you can add tasks for each day of the week. In addition, we included the Task deadlines section and Reminders.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep a record of all your weekly assignments, this template will fit your needs.

We suggest filling it out at the beginning of a week.

Of course, if there are any unexpected tasks throughout the week, be sure to add them to the Weekly assignments schedule.

Now, this template also ensures that you complete all your tasks before the deadline, which is why we encourage you to enter your tasks' deadlines in the middle section.

Furthermore, there's the Reminders section, where you can add any important reminders or notes for your weekly assignments.

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Weekly Assignments Schedule Template

Daily assignments schedule template

The Daily assignments schedule is a template that helps you figure out your top 3 priorities of the day. Moreover, since this template contains The Eisenhower Matrix technique section, it allows you to distinguish between important/not important, and urgent/not urgent assignments.

This template is practical because it ensures that you deal with your tasks according to their urgency and importance.

Once you fill out the Eisenhower Matrix technique section, simply scroll down to the hourly table and choose time blocks for these assignments.

Finally, don't forget to enter some vital tasks for tomorrow.

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Daily Assignments Schedule Template

Yearly time off schedule template

The Yearly time off schedule template allows you to keep track of your time off throughout the year. In this template, we covered several vital categories of time off, such as paid vacation, sick leave, earned days, and others.

Also, there are three important sections for each type of time off: Consumed days, Available days, and Balance.

So, how to use the Yearly time off template?

It couldn't be simpler.

First, enter the balance for each type of time off. For particular types, such as sick leave, you may not have a balance, but for paid vacation, you definitely will.

Then, whenever you receive approval to take time off for any reason, just enter the number of days in the proper row (the type of time off) and in the right column (the current month).

Next, the template will automatically calculate the number of Consumed days (for each type of time off) and the number of Available days left.

Thus, you'll have a better idea of how many days off you've used so far and how many there are left by the end of the year.

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Yearly Time Off Schedule

Weekly meetings schedule

The Weekly meetings schedule is suitable for those of you who have meetings every day. With this template, you'll be able to keep track of all your meetings. In addition, you can add any significant details, such as meeting agenda, topic, and start and end time.

The Weekly meetings schedule covers five days of the week. To make the most of this template, you should open it at the beginning of the week and enter all your weekly meetings. Be sure to include details such as where meetings take place or the links to online calls.

To ensure that you're fully prepared for any meeting, add its topic and agenda, if needed.

Then, once the meeting starts, you can follow its agenda, but also write notes in the Important notes section.

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Weekly Meetings Schedule

Non-work schedule templates

Apart from templates for organizing your job tasks, meetings, and time off, we created some non-work schedules you can use for free, too.

Here's the list of the templates you can use for planning your time outside of work:

  1. Household chores schedule,
  2. Workout schedule,
  3. Budget schedule,
  4. Travel schedule, and
  5. Meal prep schedule.

Household chores schedule template

We made two types of household chores templates:

  1. Monthly household chores, and
  2. Weekly household chores schedule template.

Monthly household chores template

The Monthly household chores template helps you deal with all your errands around the house. This template covers a weekly breakdown of chores, but also some additional ones that you do once a month.

You can add your typical weekly chores.

Plus, you can add the names of the people in charge of these errands, which comes in handy if you share your household chores with your partner, roommate, or family members.

There's a column called Additional monthly chores, where you can enter some of the errands you deal with every month. For example, cleaning/vacuuming furniture or cleaning windows.

Moreover, we included another section for all the outdoor chores, which comes in handy if you live in a house. To make sure you won't forget any outside-the-house monthly errands, be sure to add them to this list.

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Monthly Household Chores Schedule

Weekly household chores schedule template

The Weekly household chores schedule template allows you to keep an eye on all your household chores during the week. We included a separate schedule for each day, along with Before work and After work columns, so that you can plan your errands accordingly.

In addition, we added the Who's in charge column to this template, too.

Since this template covers seven days, you can enter all your weekly errands at the beginning of the week.

Then, simply add the name of the person in charge of every chore.

Once you or your family members finish a specific errand, just put a checkmark next to it.

Also, during the workweek, you can decide whether you'll deal with these chores before or after work.

And, on weekends, you can choose whether you'll complete your errands in the morning or afternoon.

We didn't include evenings on weekends, because you should have some time to relax on Saturdays and Sundays.

Finally, this template contains the Shopping list — so, whenever you remember you need to buy milk or anything else, note it down here.

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Weekly Household Chores Schedule

Workout schedule template

The Workout schedule template allows you to organize your exercise routine.

No matter whether you prefer working out in a gym or from home, you'll surely find our monthly and weekly workout templates useful.

Monthly workout schedule template

The Monthly workout schedule template ensures you stay consistent with your monthly workout targets. Setting such long-term goals is vital because it gives you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. Thus, when you have a monthly target, you'll be able to make weekly plans. This will also help you plan your days accordingly.

That's why the Monthly workout schedule template contains the Overall goal field. So, your goal can be losing weight, improving your physical condition, or anything else. Just remember that goals should be challenging enough, you don't want objectives that are too easy or too difficult to achieve.

Now, how can you use this template?

Once you adopt your monthly objectives, you should decide what types of exercises will get you closer to your goal.

Then, choose how frequently you'll do such types of workouts.

Also, whether you'll do your exercises with or without equipment is up to you, and you can add these details to your schedule, too.

If you haven't been working out before, or you've taken a longer break, please make sure you consult your fitness instructor first. This way, you'll be sure your workout plan is suitable for you, and you'll avoid any injuries.

⬇️ GET Monthly workout schedule template (Google Sheets)

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Monthly Workout Schedule

Weekly workout schedule template

Apart from the Monthly workout schedule template, we also created the one for your weekly plans. First, you can plan your monthly routine, then use the Weekly workout schedule template to add more details.

As you can see, the Weekly workout schedule template covers several workout categories:

  • Cardio,
  • Strength,
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and
  • Yoga/stretching.

Depending on your monthly goals, you should choose the frequency of each category. Of course, you don't have to include all these categories in your workout plans, just the ones that will help you move towards your monthly objective.

Next, think of the best days for each type of exercise, as well as the time of the day.

Then, decide on the duration of your workout sessions.

This template also allows you to add links for workout videos you'd like to try, but also links for playlists. There's no doubt that music can help us stay motivated — so be sure to add your favorite tunes to this column.

Finally, remember that rest days are just as important as the days you exercise. Therefore, note down the days you'll spend resting.

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Weekly Workout Schedule

Monthly budget schedule template

The Monthly budget schedule template is designed to help you keep an eye on your expenses. In addition, this template includes a Savings column — to remind you to save some money for rainy days.

To make the most of our Monthly budget template, make sure you add the Starting budget.

Then, write down all the expenses you have during a month, such as rent, utilities, and other similar costs.

To ensure you'll pay all these expenses on time, there's the Due date column, too.

The template automatically calculates the total sum of your monthly costs, which can be pretty convenient.

Furthermore, to ensure that you'll put aside some part of your monthly income into your savings account, we included the Savings column. Thus, you can note down the amount you'd like to save from each paycheck.

⬇️ GET Monthly budget schedule template (Google Sheets)

Meal planning schedule template

Monthly Budget Template

Meal planning can be such a bummer, especially on days when you have too much work to do. Instead of figuring out what you'll have for each meal of the day, try organizing your meals for an entire week. Then, simply follow this routine throughout the week.

To make your life easier, we created two meal planning schedule templates:

  • Weekly meal planning schedule template
  • Daily meal planning schedule template

Weekly meal planning schedule template

The Weekly meal planning schedule template allows you to create a healthy meal plan for an entire week. You can write down your ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

As you can see, the Weekly meal planning schedule template covers seven days and four meals for each day. We suggest filling this template out on weekends, so that you'll have enough time for shopping.

If you're usually swamped with work during a workweek, you can make a couple of meals on weekends and store them in a freezer.

Another practical option this template offers is the Ingredients to buy list, where you can note down everything you need for meal prep.

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⬇️ GET Weekly meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Meal Planning Schedule

Daily meal planning schedule template

Our Daily meal planning schedule template is more detailed than the weekly one. The Daily meal planning schedule template covers categories such as Preparation time, Ingredients, and Recipes.

This template helps you have a clearer understanding of how long each meal preparation will take. Therefore, you can easily adjust your meal preps with your work and other daily activities.

Moreover, with this template, you'll be able to write down all the ingredients of your meals, as well as add recipes.

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Meal Planning Schedule

Travel schedule template

Do you enjoy traveling?

If so, our Travel schedule template will help you keep all the valuable information about your trip in one place.

This template covers categories such as Places to see, Tickets to buy, and Don't forget to pack.

Thus, you can write down all the attractions and spots you'd like to visit during your stay.

If you need to buy tickets for museums, galleries, monuments, or simply public transportation for that destination, be sure to add all the details to this template.

And, if you can make an online purchase, just add the link next to your list.

Finally, this template reminds you to pack the most crucial things, like money, passport, and medications. So, make sure you go through this list before your trip.

Of course, you don't have to plan everything ahead, leave some days open for any activity that comes your way. After all, this is how you make the best memories.

⬇️ GET Travel schedule template (Google Sheets)

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Travel Schedule Template

Schedule projects and teams with Clockify

Aside from our Schedule templates, you can also use Clockify to schedule your projects and employees. This feature especially comes in handy for managers because they need to effectively schedule employee work time to ensure that all team members meet their deadlines.

The scheduling option in Clockify allows you to plan both projects and teams.

Here's how you can use Project scheduling with this Clockify option:

  1. Add a new project by clicking on the button on the left corner. Clockify will automatically load that project and show you all the tasks under that project name. You can add a milestone by clicking anywhere on the timeline. You can easily edit your milestones, drag-and-drop them, or change their names.
  2. You can add more team members to the project and create new assignments. To make sure nobody's swamped with work, Clockify will show users who are over their capacity.

In addition, you can zoom in and out to take a better look at assignments. Moreover, you can have an overview of the total hours assigned for each project.

Project scheduling in Clockify

When it comes to team schedules, Clockify also helps you see who's overbooked and who's available.

With Team scheduling, you can:

  • Add new members. Clockify will then automatically load all the assignments of these users.
  • Edit user's capacity by clicking on the three dots next to the user's name. This will give you a clue whether users are at their maximum capacity (Full), or they have several hours available for new tasks (Xh open), or if users are over their capacity for the day (Xh over).

This way, managers are able to assign new tasks to the right people and ensure that everyone has an equal amount of work during the week.

Employee scheduling in Clockify