How to set up a simple employee clock-in clock-out system

  • clock-in clock-out time tracking and attendance system

Need a good attendance tracking system so people coming to work can easily check in and out? Here are two simple ways you can track attendance and duration with Clockify.

Option 1: Set up a clock-in clock-out station

The simplest and the easiest way to set up an attendance tracking system for check-in check-out.

  1. Create a free Clockify account
  2. Take a tablet and log in into it
  3. Put the tablet near the entrance/exit.
  4. When people come in, they record their attendance with a few taps on the tablet.

clock-in clock-out station for check in and out

If you have all sorts of people coming in and out, they can just write their name in the description field, set start and end time (which they can later update). It’s all very simple and quick that can be done in less than 10 seconds.

If you have a less chaotic schedule and more consistent set of people, you can create a project for each person and enable the timesheet. Then, a person can just select themselves and fill how long they’ve worked under the appropriate day column.

clock-in clock-out station

Option 2: Let people track time from their own devices

This approach requires a bit more set up, but then people don’t have to queue for the tablet and can log their attendance and hours themselves when they have the time.

  1. Create a free Clockify account, and you’ll get a workspace where you are the admin
  2. Go to Teams page and enter emails of people who will track their hours.
  3. people will get an invitation to create a Clockify account and join your workspace.
  4. Once a person accepts your invite, they can log in into Clockfiy via their browser (don’t have to install anything and can log in from anywhere), and create time cards or log hours in their personal timesheet.employee time card

If you want to make it even easier, you can just have them install the mobile app and track time from there (available for Android and iPhone).

track employee attendance from your phone

How to account for breaks?

You can account for break time in several ways, depending on what’s most convenient for people:

  • Create a project for each person and two tasks: break and work, which they can choose in the timesheet or time tracker
  • You can have a “Breaks” project so people can create a separate time card for their breaks and associate them with the “Breaks” project.
  • Create a “break” tag so people can create a time entry without a project and just attach the “break” tag so you can later group time by tag and deduct them from work time

Getting time and attendance data

As people submit their hours, you can see who worked and how long in reports.

In the Weekly report, you can see attendance broken down by person, day, and duration for each day.

weekly report clockin clockout

In the Detailed report, you can see all individual time cards and filter them by day (and edit if necessary).

detailed report clockin clockout

In the Summary report, you can see time totals broken down by project, person, time period, and more.

summary report clockin clockout

So what’s the best way to set up the clock-in-clock-out system?

The best check-in check-out system depends on your business needs and your employees.

  • If you’re in a fast-moving environment and don’t want to bother people app installation or asking them their emails, setting up a clock-in-clock-out station on your tablet is the best.
  • If people are coming to work every day and work at their computers, you can invite them as users in Clockify and they can personally log their hours at the end of the day by either filling their weekly timesheet or by creating time cards with start/end times.
  • If you need a more granular level of details, you can also create tasks (subprojects which will list types of activity).
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