11 Best clock-in and clock-out apps in 2022

Natasa Milojevic

Last updated on: July 28, 2022

Imagine having all your employees’ attendance data in one place, minus the messy paperwork. 

Maybe it sounds too good to be true — but it actually isn’t. You just need a great time clock system to do the work for you. 

But, how to find the best clock-in app for your business? There’s an infinite number of apps on the market, and looking into each of them might take months or even years. 

Well, it could have taken years hadn’t you stumbled across this blog post. 

But now that you’re here, you can sit back and relax because the 11 best clock-in and clock-out apps enter the scene. 

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What is a time clock system?

Before we start exploring the apps, let’s see what a time clock system is and why we need it. A time clock system lets you keep records of employees’ work hours so that everyone’s paid fairly for the work they’ve put in. 

But, if you have ever tried tracking employees’ attendance, or made an effort to avoid losing time and money due to filling out timesheets, you’re probably familiar with different time clock systems.

Still, in case you’re looking for a new solution, or you’re not sure what system is right for you, these are your options:  

🖊️ Manual time clock system — Usually involves clocking in and out by manually marking the arrival and departure time on a timecard. 

🏷️ Punch card time clock system — Even though punch cards are rarely used nowadays, this time clock system is still popular in some industries. It usually involves employees clocking in by inserting a punch card into a machine that marks the time of their arrival.  

🔢 Digital time clock system —  Works as an upgraded punch card system. Employees are supposed to clock in either using a QR code, a PIN code, or a magnetic stripe card. 

💻 Software time clock system — Incorporates the best of all worlds, but without the unnecessary paperwork. This time clock system usually comes in the shape of a time tracker or a clock-in app that offers users a time clock employees can use on any device. In most cases, such software systems also offer features like timesheets, scheduling, time-off requests, and so much more. 

Why should a clock-in and clock-out app be your first choice?

Most time clock systems do the work you set them up to do in the first place. 

But, a clock-in and clock-out app is specifically designed to: 

  • Streamline your company’s payroll process, and 
  • Reduce the time and effort employees invest in tracking their work hours. 

Apart from that, a great clock-in and clock-out app can help you:

  • Eliminate errors when calculating employees’ work hours,
  • Manage employee attendance while wasting minimum time,
  • Gain valuable productivity insights,
  • And do so much more.

What are the best clock-in and clock-out apps you can use?

Streamlining attendance-related processes is fairly easy once you’ve figured out which clock-in clock-out app suits your business needs. 

But, you might be unsure of what to look for in an app when making your decision, so you’re still far away from having everything figured out. 

This is why we did the research for you, put many apps under scrutiny, made our top 11 picks, and listed everything you need to know about them before choosing your favorite. 

Still, you might be wondering how these 11 tools qualified for our list. Well, we made our selection based on a variety of factors, such as:

✔ Quick implementation process,

✔ Ease of use,

✔ Additional time management features – scheduling, reporting, time tracking, and

✔ Multi-platform availability.

Let’s take a closer look at the apps that made it to the list.

#1 Clockify


Clockify is a free time clock app coming with a broad range of features, including a time clock kiosk. This feature helps teams of all sizes conquer piles of paperwork while not giving up on keeping accurate attendance records.

Why use Clockify for clocking in and out?

Apart from allowing users to clock in by using any device they find convenient, Clockify is great for keeping track of employee attendance, breaks, and time off. 

Clockify’s intuitive and simple-to-use interface enables its users to quickly set up their time clock kiosk — regardless of whether they’d like to clock in and clock out from a shared device or they’d wish to record their attendance from a personal device. 

After they’ve integrated their new clock-in system into their company’s workflow, administrators can see who’s available, but also assign work and export timesheets for payroll. 

💡 Clockify Pro Tip

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How to clock in and clock out in Clockify?

After you’ve created an account and invited your team members, tracking time becomes just a matter of seconds.

Your team can either access Clockify from their mobile devices or via a web browser and use the timer to clock in. 


On top of the timer, Clockify comes with an even more convenient option — a free time clock kiosk that your team can use to clock in and clock out with their personal PIN.


You’ll just need to name your kiosk, add your team members, and set a PIN they can use to clock in whenever they start working. 

This way, everyone will be able to mark the beginning of their shift either from their own device or a device you’ve placed at the entrance for the onsite workers. 


As soon as an employee clocks in, you’ll be able to notice a green dot next to their name on the kiosk list. 


A time clock kiosk also allows your employees to announce their break time and clock out as soon as they reach the end of their workday. 


These options enable you to track employees’ break time, schedule work, plan projects and assign tasks more accurately — since you have all the necessary data within reach. 

#2 TimeCamp


TimeCamp is a time clock tool that helps managers remain up-to-date with their team’s performance. 

It also allows users to see what exactly their team members are working on, track overtime, create custom reports, and more. 

Why use TimeCamp for clocking in and out?

TimeCamp offers its users automated clocking in and out, but with a little help from a time tracker. The time tracker keeps an eye on computer activity and switches to idle as soon as the activity stops. 

This time clock app also comes with a GPS tracking feature, real-time reports, and automatic reminders to clock in and clock out. 

However, keep in mind that TimeCamp doesn’t offer a time clock kiosk solution — so in case you decide to go with this time clock app, your team will need to log in to the platform and manually start and stop the timer whenever they want to clock in and clock out. 

How to clock in and clock out in TimeCamp?

As soon as you’ve created an account and added your team members, they can begin clocking in and out using the timer option from the Timesheet view.


Whenever they’re about to begin their workday, they can select the task or a project they’re working on and start the timer.


But, in case employees wish to go on a break, they’ll need to stop the timer and start it all over again when their break is over. Another option is to create a new project named Break that they can select and start the timer. 

The same goes for clocking out. Employees are supposed to stop the timer when the workday’s over and the system will automatically create records of the time they clocked out.

#3 Zenefits


Although mainly designed as an HR app, Zenefits comes with an array of handy features — including scheduling, attendance tracking, and reporting. 

Zenefits also comes with location tracking and a payroll administration option. 

Why use Zenefits for clocking in and out?

Zenefits helps capture employees’ clocking in and out in real-time, giving its users full visibility of the way they spend their time. 

Since this time clock app gives you a detailed overview of your team members’ work hours, it also makes it easier for you to customize shifts and schedule work accordingly. 

There’s also an option to download and customize the time and attendance reports. 

But, since Zenefits is such a robust, all-around employee management system, it might not be the best choice for small businesses looking for a simple tool without a steep learning curve.

How to clock in and clock out in Zenefits?

Before your employees begin clocking in and out, it’s necessary to choose and set up the time reporting option that your company will use. 


Zenefits offers two options: 

  • Clocking in and out in real-time, and 
  • Self-reporting. 

While self-reporting requires manually entering all the hours they’ve worked before payday, the clock in/out option records the exact moment an employee starts or finishes their shift.

If you’ve decided to set up the clock in/out option, you can either invite your team to use this option on the website, or through the mobile app.

Whichever choice employees make, they’re simply supposed to tap or click the Clock in option to mark the beginning of their shift, and select Clock out when their workday reaches an end.


If an employee wants to go on a break, they’re supposed to click the Meal Break option and clock back in when their break’s over. 

Zenefits also gives employees the option to view the history of all their time records. 

#4 Time Clock Wizard

Time clock wizard1

Time Clock Wizard is a time clock software that lets you get accurate employee attendance insights, streamline payroll processes, and track time spent on tasks. 

It also comes with a handy photo capture feature that helps in establishing a speedy clock-in process.  

Why use Time Clock Wizard for clocking in and out?

Time Clock Wizard helps you streamline your clock-in process by letting your employees clock in from their own devices in multiple locations.  

This time clock app also allows its users to enable location restrictions and establish different clock points for onsite workers.

Still, despite the option to clock in and clock out from different locations, the app’s multiple features do not come free of charge. To be able to use features such as photo capture, location tracking, and real-time activity stream, you’d have to pay as much as $44.99/month for 50 users. 

How to clock in and clock out in Time Clock Wizard?

First, start by inviting your employees to the Time Clock Wizard app. 

After everyone has set up their accounts, you can assign your team members a clock-in location in case they’re working on-site, and set up the photo capture feature for identification.

Time clock wizard2

As soon as you’ve selected the mandatory options for clocking in, employees can begin using the time clock app. 

Similar to its competitors, Time Clock Wizard gives its users the option to clock in or out via the website or the mobile app. 

time clock wizard3

Whenever they’re about to start their workday, employees should click the Clock in option. 

As soon as they’re ready for a break, they’re supposed to click the Start a break option button, and Clock out at the end of their workday. 

#5 When I Work

When I Work1

When I Work is a time clock software that comes with detailed scheduling options, a time clock terminal, and timesheets. 

This tool also promises to turn any device into a time clock that can provide managers with instant employee attendance notifications.      

Why use When I Work for clocking in and out?

When I Work enables teams to improve their accountability by using a time clock feature they can access from their own mobile devices.

This time clock app also gives users the option to set up a master time clock terminal on a computer or a mobile device that they can place at the workplace entrance. 

In case you’ve decided to try out the clock-in and clock-out options that this time clock app offers, keep in mind that after a two-week trial period, you’d have to purchase one of the paid plans if you’d like to continue using this app. 

How to clock in and clock out in When I Work?

Before you add your employees to the When I Work workspace, don’t forget to adjust the Attendance settings. You can choose a specific device employees would use for clocking in and out in case you’d like to implement a clock terminal system. 

In case you’ve decided to let employees clock in and out from their preferred device, after you’ve invited everyone to the workspace, they can start clocking in. 

When I Work2

Whenever an employee wants to go on a break, they should find the Take lunch option in the Attendance section of the website and their break time will immediately begin. 

When I Work3

In case your company is using a time clock terminal, employees will be required to either enter their email address or an employee ID to be able to clock in and clock out. 

#6 Homebase


Homebase is a time clock tool that comes with plenty of features for automating employee scheduling, time tracking, and clocking in and out. 

The app also lets its users track labor costs based on their timesheets. 

Why use Homebase for clocking in and out?

Apart from increasing the company-wide transparency, the time clock option that Homebase brings to the table also helps with simplifying the calculation of hours worked.

But, even though the time clock option helps in getting a detailed overview of the employees’ attendance patterns, Homebase comes with a limited reporting feature with almost no customization options. 

Also, since the app is mainly designed for shift-based schedules, it might be a bit time-consuming and hard to navigate if your company operates on a flexible schedule. 

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How to clock in and clock out in Homebase?

Before you decide to invite your employees to use Homebase, make sure that you’ve allowed them to clock in/out from their preferred devices. 

After they finish the registration process, employees will receive unique PIN codes that they’ll need for clocking in. 


The same goes for taking a break or clocking out. 

Every time an employee wants to change their availability status, they’ll need to enter their PIN code in the time clock app. 

#7 Quickbooks


Even though Quickbooks is primarily an accounting software, it provides all the necessary features for keeping records of employees’ work hours — such as a time clock kiosk, a payroll app, and more.   

Why use Quickbooks for clocking in and out?

Quickbooks comes with a time kiosk that completely replaces old-fashioned punch cards. This time clock system can be used on different devices, allowing you to tailor it according to your business’ needs. 

Quickbooks is also easily integrated with a payroll app. So, as soon as an employee clocks in/out, they’ll be able to submit their timesheets — and the data will immediately show up in your preferred accounting software.

💡 Clockify Pro Tip

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However, take into account that Quickbooks offers a 30-day trial plan. After the trial expires, using this time clock app can go up to $40 per month for administrator access only, while adding each additional employee can go up to $10 per user per month. 

Also, there’s no option to use the time kiosk app on mobile devices.

How to clock in and clock out in Quickbooks?

After you’ve created an account and invited your team, you can begin by installing the Quickbooks kiosk. 

You can choose your clock-in kiosk name, select whether you want employees to clock in or out using a photo, and add everyone to the kiosk. 

Then, you’re supposed to set up PIN codes for each employee to enable them to use the time clock system. 

Once everything’s set up, employees can clock in to mark the beginning of their shift by using their assigned PIN codes and tapping the Clock in option.


Whenever they’d wish to take a break, employees need to sign in to the kiosk once again and tap the Take a break option. 

Clocking out is similar to clocking in — employees should use their PIN code to access the kiosk and click on the Clock out option to wrap up the day. 

#8 Deputy


Deputy is a time clock app that comes with a set of time tracking and scheduling features specifically aimed at helping its users achieve maximum efficiency. 

The tool also includes timesheet bulk approval and a speedy report export.

Why use Deputy for clocking in and out?

Coming with a wide array of features that help its users boost efficiency and accountability, Deputy offers a time clock kiosk as well as a web-based platform for keeping track of employees’ workdays.  

Since the kiosk app can be used on multiple devices — computers, mobile devices, and tablets, it contributes to speeding up the process of clocking in and out. 

Deputy also boasts their facial and voice recognition features that reduce the time employees spend waiting in line just to record their arrival at work. However, the face unlock feature is not available worldwide. 

Also, it’s necessary to keep in mind that Deputy does not come free of charge. After a 30-day trial period, to be able to use this time clock app, you’d have to pay up to $4.90 per user per month.

How to clock in and clock out in Deputy?

As soon as you’ve finished creating your account, you can either generate a link and send it off to your employees, or invite them one by one to join you.

After your team has successfully registered, they can begin clocking in and out in the time clock kiosk either using an on-site device or their own mobile devices. To clock in and out, they’ll have to enter the kiosk PIN code or use facial recognition.

Whenever an employee arrives at a location or their workday’s about to start, they are supposed to click Start shift and the app will automatically keep a record of the time stamp. 


This way, the Dashboard will instantly give managers a clear picture of employee attendance, and help them adjust the schedule if necessary.

When the time for a break comes, employees are supposed to repeat the same process as with clocking in — they should tap or click Start break and the timer will start off. 


The same principle applies to clocking out. 

Employees are supposed to click the End shift option and their managers will be able to see that they’re done for the day. 

#9 Hubstaff


A time clock tool that promises a variety of features, Hubstaff helps its users be in control of their time, stay on top of employee attendance, quickly clock in and clock out, and more. 

Why use Hubstaff for clocking in and out?

Similar to its competitors, Hubstaff offers an easy-to-use clock-in system that helps reduce the amount of time employees spend checking in. 

This time clock app also gives its users the ability to choose whether they want to: 

  • Automatically clock in or out based on their location, or 
  • Clock in or out on their own terms by starting the timer as soon as their workday begins.

But, unlike most of its competitors, Hubstaff does not have a time clock kiosk. So, unless you go for the Hubstaff Field plan that includes the automated clock-in feature, your employees would have to start the timer every time they begin their shift.

Also, Hubstaff’s free version allows one-user access only, while their Field plan — specifically aimed at onsite workers — does not come with a free plan. So, if you’re in search of a geofencing time clock app you’d have to set aside up to $15 per user per month.

How to clock in and clock out in Hubstaff?

After you’ve registered and sent invites to your team members, your team can start using Hubstaff to clock in and clock out in two ways — either by using a timer or simply showing up at a job site, and they’ll automatically clock in. 

Your team members can start the timer and select a task they’re working on as soon as they begin their workday. This way, the timer will automatically start off. When they’re ready to call it a day, employees should simply stop the timer. 

In case you’d like to automate the process of clocking in and out, you can set up geofencing in Hubstaff. However, this option is mainly designed for onsite workers, so it might not be the best solution for work-from-home teams.

The geofencing feature allows your employees to clock in and out automatically based on their location. 


This way, as soon as an employee arrives at the job site, the timer will automatically set off. The same goes for their departure — whenever an employee leaves the designated location, the timer will stop running.

#10 Jibble


This time clock solution offers a rich set of features aimed at automating the process of attendance tracking. Jibble includes a timesheet view, graphical reports, and an instant clock-in and clock-out option. 

Why use Jibble for clocking in and out?

Jibble is a great choice for companies looking to automate their clock-in/clock-out process, as well as businesses in search of a simple payroll solution linked to a time clock kiosk. 

This time clock app also comes with GPS location tracking and automated clock-in reminders. 

Still, Jibble perhaps might not be the best option for businesses operating in multiple shifts — since there isn’t an option to assign more than one schedule to an individual employee. 

How to clock in and clock out in Jibble?

First, start by selecting how your team can clock in and clock out in Jibble. You can limit the number of devices that have access to the time clock app, enable or disable face recognition, location tracking, and time entry editing. 

After the initial setup, you can either share a registration link with everyone or invite them by entering their emails or phone numbers.

Then, once everything is set up, employees can begin clocking in from a designated device or a device of their choice (depending on your initial setup) using either the facial recognition option or a passcode. 


Once they confirm their identity, employees should simply tap the In option and they’re instantly clocked in. 


The process is the same for clocking out and going for a break — by entering their passcode or verifying their identity with facial recognition, employees can quickly finish their workday or take a breather.

#11 TimeClick


TimeClick is a time clock tool aimed at providing small businesses with a quick and easy way to streamline their workflow. 

The app offers an intuitive and simple interface combined with a wide array of employee attendance features. 

Why use TimeClick for clocking in and out?

Famous for its easy-to-navigate interface, TimeClick could be a great option for small businesses looking to integrate a simple clock-in and clock-out system. 

This time clock app allows users to create a time clock kiosk that they can use for clocking in and out regardless of their location.  

But, since TimeClick offers a 14-day trial period after which users have to choose one of the paid plans, small in-office teams might get the greatest value in purchasing this time clock app. 

Namely, TimeClick offers only one-time purchases, and the least expensive option ($199) gives you a one-computer-only license. This would mean that, if you wanted to implement a clock-in system, you’d have to choose a designated device that your employees would use to clock in and clock out of the office. 

If you’d like to speed up the process by enabling your employees to record their attendance from their own devices — or you own a large enterprise so you need multiple clock-in stations — you’d have to purchase a pricier one-time purchase plan that can go up to $999.

Also, since TimeClick does not have a web-based platform, you can only download the Windows desktop, iOS, and Android versions of the app. 

How to clock in and clock out in TimeClick?

After you’ve successfully installed the desktop app and added all the employees, you can create a remote username and a password that lets you and your team access the mobile app too.

As soon as you share the credentials with your employees, they’ll be able to log into the app and select their names from the list of employees.


Before tapping the Clock in button, they’ll need to choose a specific department and the job they’re working on.   


Then, whenever they wish to bring their workday to an end, employees need to find their name on the list and tap the Clock out option. 

The same goes for break time — employees should simply tap Begin break and then Finish break when they get back. 

Conclusion: The best clock-in and clock-out app is on you

Now that we’ve put the 11 best clock-in and clock-out apps under close scrutiny, it’s time for them to exit the scene.

But, what about your time clock system? What is the all-around clock-in and clock-out solution that could save you the trouble of having to take notes of your team’s attendance? 

Well, the good news is that this one’s on you. 

You just need to take a long hard look at your company’s needs and think about whether you care about simplicity and ease of use or you’re more into a robust, all-encompassing time clock system. Don’t forget to assess how each time clock app stacks up against the size of your business — and how this may affect the price you’ll need to pay — and you’re good to go. 

And, if you’re still in two minds, put your picks to the test. 

Before you know it, you’ll probably realize that you’ve known what your favorite time clock app was all along.

✉️ Did you ever use any of the clock-in and clock-out apps from our list? What are your thoughts on your pick? Did we leave out your favorite tool? Let us know at blogfeedback@clockify.me and we might include your thoughts in this one or one of our future articles. 

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