The Best Time Tracking Apps Comparison (2021)

Detailed side-by-side comparison of the 9 most popular and best time tracking apps.

Clockify Toggl Track Harvest Hubstaff RescueTime Time Doctor Timecamp Timely Everhour
Price (per month) Free (unlimited users)
Basic: $4.99
Standard: $6.99
Pro: $9.99
Enterprise: $14.99/user
Starter: $10/user
Premium: $20/user
$12/user Basic: $7/user
Premium: $10/user
Enterprise: $20user
$9 (flat) Basic: $7/user
Standard: $10/user
Premium: $20user
Basic: $7/user
Pro: $10/user
Solo: $7/$14/$23
Team: $20/$16/$12 per user
Reviews (Capterra) 4.7
(1,483 reviews)
(924 reviews)
(347 reviews)
(1,002 reviews)
(93 reviews)
(291 reviews)
(501 reviews)
(194 reviews)
(232 reviews)
Free plan limitation Access to extra features
(learn more)
Up to 5 users, only basic time tracking features 1 user and 2 projects 1 user, basic time tracking and limited monitoring features 3-month report history No free plan 1 user, basic time tracking features No free plan No free plan
Ease of use Very easy Very easy Difficult Very difficult Very easy Difficult Difficult Difficult Difficult
Perfect for Freelancers for billing, and enterprises for managing timesheets. Freelancers and small teams that just need a simple time tracker Small and mid-size businesses that need time and expense tracking, and invoicing Remote companies that need employee monitoring Individuals who want to track personal productivity Remote companies that need employee monitoring Small businesses that want simple time tracking, employee monitoring, and invoicing Individuals who need an automatic time tracker Agencies that need a time tracker, task manager, and invoicing in one tool
Time tracking features
No web timer
Add time manually $
Automatic tracking
Automatic clock-in and out
Timesheet reminders $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Bulk editing
Paid feature in reports

Bulk edit schedules

Bulk edit days
Added automatically
Idle detection $
Paid plan
Offline mode
Desktop and mobile

Mac and iOS

Desktop apps
Paid feature
Pomodoro timer

Focustime available in paid plan

Custom fields $
Paid feature
Data import
Visual reports
Additional details in paid plan

Graph-level view
Weekly report
Additional filters in paid plan
Billable hours $
Paid feature
Profitability report $
Paid feature
Paid feature

Profitability analysis

Project costs and revenue reports, Paid feature
Lock timesheets $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Export data
PDF, CSV, Excel

PDF, CSV; Excel paid feature


CSV paid feature
PDF, Excel paid feature

PDF, Excel

PDF, CSV, Excel
Edit time
Share reports $
Paid feature
Branded reports $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Paid feature
Built-in productivity scores
Time audit $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Email reports $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Time rounding $
Paid feature
Paid feature

Available for Invoices
Project management
Unlimited projects $
Project status $
Paid feature
Tasks (sub-projects) $
Paid feature
Project templates $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Project rates $
Paid feature
Estimates $
Paid feature
Expenses $ /td>
Overage alerts $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Team management
Unlimited users $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Task assignees $
Private entries $
Paid feature
Required fields $
Paid feature
Paid feature



Project and task
Add time for others $
Paid feature
Paid feature
User groups
Team activity
Approval $ $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Hourly rates $
Paid feature
Control accounts $
Paid feature
Employee monitoring and invoicing
GPS tracking $
Paid feature

GPS tracking paid feature
Keystroke recording
Screenshots $
Paid feature
Computer usage
Mac & Windows

Mac & Windows
Paid feature

Personal monitoring

Personal monitoring (data not available to admins
Invoicing $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Paid feature
Paid feature
Budgeting $
Paid feature
Paid feature
Paid feature
Time off $
Paid feature
$ $ $
Staff scheduling Coming soon $
Paid feature
Expense tracking Comin soon
Android app
iOS app
Mac desktop app
Windows desktop app
Linux desktop app
Browser extension
Chrome, Firefox

Chrome, Firefox

Chrome, Safari


Chrome, Firefox



Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Support Phone/Live chat/Email Email Phone/Email Email Phone/Email Phone/Email (paid) Email Phone/Email Phone/Email
Video tutorials

Overview of best tracking apps

Choosing the right time tracking software can be difficult - there is an array of different apps, and they offer different combinations of features. The basics are usually the same, but some apps place greater emphasis on invoicing, budgeting and profit in relation to your tracked time, and some place greater emphasis on employee monitoring, or simple, straightforward work hours tracking.

When making a choice, you should consider the size and type of your business, size of your team, what features you'll need the most, and whether you'll be needing some additional features, such as self-hosting.

The most important matter you should consider is the price - tracking time is supposed to save you money, and you won't be able to do that if you have to pay a lot for all your projects and users.

To help you with your decision, here is a compilation of the most popular time tracking software, with their detailed comparison in terms of the most common time tracking software features.



Standing out from other competitors, Clockify is the most popular time tracker that's free for teams of all sizes. In sum, you get a free work hours tracker (with entering time in the Timesheet view also available), with billing, invoicing, and free Pomodoro tracker, team and project management features, for an unlimited number of users, projects, and clients.

Clockify's paid plans, starting at $3.99 per user/month when billed annually, give a plethora of additional features, like administration, GPS tracking, screenshots, additional integrations, etc.

You can make use of 50+ integrations, available through the Clockify Chrome, Edge and Firefox extensions.

A feature that also places Clockify among unique time trackers, and makes it suitable for enterprise businesses, is self-hosting, which enables you to host all your data on your own server.

Best time tracking app Clockify screenshot


Toggl Track

Toggl Track offers basic Time Tracking features, reporting, labeling, project and team management. It's essentially a work hours tracker, and you can choose between 100+ integrations to streamline your work. Its features make it a good choice for small businesses and freelancers.

The Free Plan covers only the very basic features, and is available for small teams of up to 5 members. The bigger the size of the team, the bigger the price, which is also Toggl Track's biggest flaw — depending on the number of users, you'll have to spend a lot of money each month, because Toggl Track is one of the more expensive time trackers on the market, with a starting price of $10/user/month for the Starter Plan. When added up, it can cost you $1,000 per month for 100 users, or $12,000 for an entire year.

Toggl alternative Toggl review Best time tracking apps Toggl screenshot



Harvest offers basic time tracking features, invoicing, reporting, profitability analysis, as well as team and project management features. The feature that makes it stand out is the internet and application monitoring feature — it allows you to automatically track your device activities. There is also an invoicing system for paid plans.

The Free Plan covers only 1 user and 2 projects, which is only enough to try out the program, before you'll have to switch to a paid plan — Harvest is one of the more expensive options, with the subscription plans starting at $12 per user and unlimited projects. Which would even out to $14,400 a year for 100 users.

Harvest alternative Best time tracking apps Harvest screenshot



Hubstaff is one of the more powerful employee-monitoring time tracking systems on the market, with Mobile GPS tracking, keystroke recording, internet and application monitoring, as well as automatic screenshots. This makes it perfect for larger companies, where the manager can't always keep track of all employees.

However, Hubstaff isn't the best option if you're looking for streamlining your work with integrations — If you're looking to integrate this app with 1 of the 40 offered apps, you'll have to upgrade to the Basic Plan, and for unlimited integrations, you'll have to upgrade to a Premium Plan.

The problem is that a lot of the features don't come with the Free Plan, and you'll have to opt for a subscription (starting at $7). You can also upgrade to a Premium Plan, and make use of the app's invoicing features. For a more feature-packed experience, you'll need to set aside at least $8,400 a year for 100 users, for just time tracking. Anything more comes at an extra price.

Hubstaff alternative Best time tracking apps Hubstaff screenshot


Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracker suitable for remote teams of any size, with its powerful employee monitoring features, that include GPS monitoring, internet and application monitoring, keystroke recording, and automatic screenshots.

You can also manage your projects and conduct basic time tracking (although you'll have to enable manual time entering in the settings first).

The app offers 30+ integrations, and it's one of the rare apps that doesn't offer a Chrome extension.

The basic plan starts at $7 per month, and unfortunately, there is no free plan. For one year and 100 users, it ends up costing $8,400.

Time Doctor alternative Best time tracking apps Time Doctor screenshot



TimeCamp is a time tracking app you can mostly use to assess your productivity and your employees' productivity. It offers an extensive list of time tracking features, including automatic time tracking and a Pomodoro timer available through an integration with PomoDoneApp. However, there is no weekly timesheet report, and the exporting options (PDF and Excel) are only available in the paying plans.

The apps' highlights include the internet and application monitoring feature and automatic screenshots, which make TimeCamp a great choice for moderate employee monitoring.

It offers 30+ integrations, and you can also make invoices when you upgrade to a Pro Plan. TimeCamp is suitable for small businesses, with a Basic Plan starting at $7 per user. Like Time Doctor, it also costs $8,400 for 100 users.

Best time tracking apps TimeCamp screenshot



RescueTime is a super simple automatic time tracker that aims to help you analyze how you spend your time and whether you're productive with it.

The basic Time Tracking features are lacking (apart from automatic time tracking, you can only track time through a stopwatch tool). However, you can track the time you spend on applications and in your browser, which is the app's main feature.

RescueTime is not adequate for tracking the hours you spend working (as it lacks billability options and accurate project tracking), so it's best that you use it to measure your productivity, and combine it with a robust work hours tracker, such as Clockify, for additional features.

The Free Plan of the app offers select features, and the pricing starts at $9/month for the Premium Plan. It amounts to $10,800 per year for 100 users.

Best time tracking apps RescueTime screenshot



Everhour is an all-inclusive work hours tracker — project and team management features, basic and additional time tracking features (such as custom fields), invoicing, a GitHub script for the Pomodoro timer, third-party time trackers data import, and time logging on behalf of other team members. As such, it's suitable for different business types and sizes.

However, the number of possible integrations is also small; it is only available as a Web version and Chrome extension, so no desktop apps.

An additional problem with this app is that it doesn't offer a free plan (the subscriptions start at $10 per user for the Team Plan). For a year, it could end up $12,000 for 100 users.

Best time tracking apps Everhour screenshot



Timely is another automatic time tracker, one that creates time entries based on your schedule — the automatically tracked data is private, so only you can view it. You can also track time in real-time when working in a team, but you cannot add time manually, so you can't add back-dated entries.

This automatic time tracker offers 15+ integrations, and the one that stands out is Moves (GPS tracker) — it enables you to bill the time you spend on transportation, or away on location.

Because of this, Timely can be used by transportation businesses and individual workers who spend a lot of their time on location (electricians, plumbers...).

The biggest problem with this app is that there is no Free Plan, not even for people who need limited features — the pricing starts at $10/user/month for the Solo Plan. For a team of 100, you would need a Premium plan, which starts at $18 per user a month. It can cost you around $20,000 a year.

Best time tracking apps Timely screenshot

What is the best time tracker?

Clockify, Toggl Track, and Everhour are essentially work hours trackers, while Timely and RescueTime are mostly automatic time trackers you can use to track productivity (with Timely also having an effective scheduling system).

Hubstaff and Time Doctor are robust employee monitoring systems, while Harvest and TimeCamp are moderate employee monitoring systems, with Harvest also having a pretty good invoicing and expense tracking system.

They all offer time tracking features, though individual features vary. The biggest issue with most of these time trackers, whether you're looking for a work hours tracker, employee-monitoring, invoicing, or budgeting features is their price — in this list, only Clockify offers free basic features for unlimited users.