Jourdan Guyton

How Clockify helped entrepreneur Jourdan Guyton build winning content marketing strategies.

Jourdan Guyton


Jourdan Guyton is a content strategist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Vera Jean Media, LLC, an online community dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs find their voice, create engaging content, build a brand, and show their true potential.

In addition to that, Jourdan also helps businesses create successful content strategies, business models, and content, particularly on Instagram.

Challenges Jourdan Guyton and her team faced

Jourdan and her assistant struggled with managing and organizing their time.

The problem was that they had too many tasks on a daily basis.

Solutions Jourdan Guyton found with Clockify

Thanks to Clockify, Jourdan can have a better overview of what tasks she can delegate to others, what tasks she can eliminate, and how much time she needs to complete individual tasks — like writing an email.

Jourdan also enjoys dividing her projects into working blocks followed by short breaks — i.e. she enjoys practicing the time management technique called Pomodoro technique, which she first tried during a productivity workshop.

Moreover, Jourdan has a habit of making plans for the following month. With Clockify timesheets, she is able to add all the tasks for the next month and have a clear overview of everything she needs to complete by the end of that period.

“Clockify helps me see what I really need to do — what I can delegate, how much it takes me to write an email, and it also helps me to eliminate things. There was stuff that was taking up two hours where I just thought — ‘We can either scale this back or get rid of it.’ ”

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