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Approve time & expenses

This article describes the process by which Admins and Managers review and approve tracked time entries and expenses submitted by team members. With this process, time and budget spent on a project can be precisely estimated and allocated.

Approving tracked time is available on Standard and higher subscription plans and can be performed by workspace Admins and Team managers.
Approving tracked expenses is available on PRO and higher subscription plans and can be performed by workspace Admins and Team managers. 

Imagine you are a project manager overseeing a team of developers working on a project for a client. Team members submit tracked expenses during project-related activities, such as software licenses or travel expenses. As the project manager, you review these submissions to make sure they align with project budgets and client agreements. Once approved, these entries are integrated into project reports and invoices, providing clients with the billing information. 

Admin or Team manager can approve, reject and edit the submitted time and expenses from the Approvals page.

User interface displayed in this video may not correspond to the latest version of the app.

Approve time #

Each time approval request contains the following information: 

  • Author of the submitted request 
  • Time of the submitted request 
  • Status:
    • Unsubmitted
    • Pending
    • Approved

Whenever there’s a timesheet that’s waiting for approval, you’ll see an orange dot as an indicator in the sidebar.

Pending tab

Lists timesheets that are waiting for approval. You can approve all requests at once, or filter by user or group.

Remind to approve

If there are Team managers that are supervising team members, you, as an Admin, can click Remind to approve to send an email reminder to each Team manager to approve their team members’ timesheets.  

To send Team managers reminder to approve:

  1. Go to the Approvals page
  2. If team members have assigned Team managers, Remind to approve button will be enabled
  3. Reminder to approve submitted request will be sent to Team manager’s emails  

To see a full timesheet, click on the request to see it in more detail.

Edit pending time request #

Admins can edit other user’s pending requests directly from the Pending tab in the Approvals page.
Unless time entries are locked, Team managers can edit their team’s pending requests.

To edit pending request:

  1. Go to Approvals page
  2. In Pending tab, choose submitted timesheet
  3. Click on edit pen icon next to time entry
  4. In Edit time entry screen, you can edit the following:
    • Time and date
    • Description
    • Project
    • Billability
    • Duplicate/delete entry

After you’ve made all the necessary changes, click SAVE to complete the action.

Manager’s approval #

In addition to Admins, Team managers can also approve timesheets for the users they manage.

  1. Go to Team page
  2. Click on + Role for the person you wish to make a manager
  3. Check Team Manager
  4. Select users for whom they can view and approve timesheets
  5. Save changes

Once a person has a Team manager role, they can see the Approval page in the sidebar, and they can see only their member’s approval requests and either approve or reject them.

Approve expenses #

As is the case with approving time, if there is some expense waiting for approval, you’ll see an orange dot as an indicator in the sidebar.

If you’d like to submit the Expenses approval in the Approvals page:

  1. Navigate to the Approvals page
  2. Click the Unsubmitted tab

Here’s the list of all the unsubmitted Expense approvals with the Team member’s name, total time, number of approved time off hours and total amount of expenses all grouped based on the time period. If you expand one and click on the unsubmitted expenses, you’ll be redirected to the Timesheet page with all the time entries that can be submitted. 

To continue the process: 

  2. Confirmation screen appears
  3. Click SUBMIT to confirm the action

Once the expense has been approved, it cannot be edited in any way.

Edit pending expenses #

Admins can edit other user’s expenses directly from the Pending tab in the Approvals page.
Team managers can edit their team’s pending requests unless time expenses are locked.

To edit pending expense:

  1. Go to Approvals page
  2. Choose submitted timesheet in Pending tab
  3. Click on edit icon
  4. In Edit expense screen, edit the following:
    • Date
    • Project
    • Category
    • Amount
    • Billability
    • Add/delete receipt
    • Delete request

After you’ve made all the necessary changes, click SAVE to complete the action.

If the timesheet is waiting for approval, the Approvals item in the sidebar is marked with an orange dot.

Reject submitted request #

Rejecting a submitted request needs to be done on the Approvals page. 

To reject a request:

  1. Go to the Approvals page, Pending tab
  2. Open the request
  3. Click Reject in the upper right corner
  4. Leave a note
  5. Click Reject to complete the action

As a result, the approval request will be deleted, the pending label will be removed and the user will receive an email containing the note.

If a member submitted a timesheet with entries that are wrongly submitted, you can: 

  • Reject the entire timesheet then edit and resubmit the entry
  • Go to the Detailed report and manually correct the mistake (only as Owner/Admin, or their Team manager)

Once you approve time, time entries are permanently locked. Even Admins can’t make any edits.

If you invoice time after approval and want to mark what’s been invoiced, you can import approved time entries into an invoice and approved time entries will automatically get an invoiced tag so you can see what’s been invoiced and filter reports by status.

If the start and end time include an overnight period, there will be a superscript number next to the end time, showing how many additional days the time entry covers.

Notifications: #

  • User’s Team manager is notified if Timesheet is submitted 
  • User who submitted the timesheet is notified if Timesheet is approved 
  • User receives an email and note if Timesheet is rejected
  • User and all the Admins receive an email if Approval is withdrawn 

If you’re Admin and want to receive an email notification when a user submits their timesheet, you need to have a Team manager role for users you manage. This means that, for certain users, you’ll be both an Admin and a Team manager.

You can send email reminders to both users to submit their unsubmitted timesheets, and managers to approve their team members’ timesheets.

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