Track Time & Expenses

Submit time & expenses for approval

Team members can submit their weekly and monthly timesheets and expenses for approval. As an Admin/Manager, you need to review these submissions to verify billable hours and project expenses before approving them for client invoicing. 


Time approval is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan. Expense approval is available on Pro and higher subscription plans.


To submit expenses for approval, you need to activate Expense tracking in the workspace settings. This way, when you submit tracked time for the approval, tracked expenses will also be submitted for that time period and vice versa. Expense approval is an extra feature which you can enable by upgrading to Pro or Enterprise plan.

For more information on the approval process, check out this article.

Submit time #

Regular users can submit their time via Time tracker or Timesheet.

Submit time in Time Tracker:

  1. Click Submit under the appropriate week or month
  2. Window pops up with all tracked time & expenses for that week or month listed for approval
  3. Click Submit to complete the action

Admins and Team managers can submit time in Approvals page, too: 

  1. Go to Approvals page
  2. Choose Unsubmitted tab 
  3. Click on three dots and Submit
  4. In Submit for approval popup click Submit to confirm the action

Timesheets are still editable while the time period/expense is pending approval. Changes for pending timesheets are automatically reflected and displayed when approving time. All approved timesheets are permanently locked. Not even admins can make changes to the approved time, at least not without leaving a permanent written trace).

Submit expenses #

Added expenses appear in the Expenses page.

To submit expenses for approval: 

  1. Click the Submit button above the Expense label you have created 
  2. Submit for approval confirmation screen appears with the specified timeframe and the expenses
  3. Click SUBMIT

Submitted expense that has not been approved yet has a Pending approval tag.

If you hover over the Pending approval tag, you’ll see the name of the user who submitted the Expenses. By clicking on the X, you can withdraw the approval. If you do that, an Admin won’t be able to approve time and expenses unless you send it again.  

Admins can edit pending expense approvals. Team managers can perform this action for their team members.

Expenses can also be submitted for approval from the Timesheet and Time tracker as seen in the instructions above.

Withdraw approval request #

In case a mistake, or correction is needed, you can withdraw the submission.

Only pending requests can be withdrawn.

To withdraw your approval request:

  1. Click X on the Pending tag
  2. Withdraw submission popup appears

Click Withdraw to complete the process.

After you withdraw your pending time period, the approval request will disappear, and you can submit a new time period when you’re ready.

Locked dates

  • CAN submit timesheets
  • CAN’T edit time since entries become permanently locked once approved


  • Submit timesheet for any user 
  • See number of hours of approved time off

Team manager 

  • Submit timesheet for their team members
  • See number of hours of approved time off 

Submit time on mobile app   #

You can also submit time on the mobile phone via Clockify’s mobile app. For more information, check out the iOS and Android Help center articles. 


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