How Clockify became an ally in Grip’s growth strategy.



Grip is an event-facilitating platform aimed at helping event organizers:

With the help of AI, Grip facilitates billions of interactions during events.

Grip’s Chief Operating Officer, Maria Martin, discussed Clockify’s role in Grip’s business operations and growth.

Challenges Grip team faced

While understanding the value of proper time management, Grip was looking for a tool that automates and simplifies the process of identifying time and resource allocation trends.

A huge challenge that Grip was facing was definitely the uncertainty regarding valuable project and employee time management insights. Martin explains that the lack of accurate estimations affected Grip’s forecasting ability:

“Prior to tracking time, the lack of precise insights into how much time employees dedicated to specific tasks led to potential underestimation or overestimation of project timelines. This uncertainty had broader implications, impacting our ability to make accurate project forecasts and, subsequently, influencing budgetary decisions.”

Solutions Grip found with Clockify

Luckily, Clockify helped Grip manage their time better and get a detailed overview of the use of resources. They can now efficiently allocate their workload as well as plan for peak seasons.

Grip chose Clockify mainly due to 3 aspects Clockify successfully delivered:

In addition, Martin highlights the certainty that Clockify Reports allowed Grip to make decisions based on reliable data:

“By leveraging historical data, we make informed decisions related to service delivery commitments to our clients. Ultimately, employee time tracking has become a cornerstone in our approach to optimizing operations and delivering exceptional services to our clients.”

Moreover, Martin notes that Grip utilizes the Clockify Calendar feature by syncing it with Google Calendar:

“You can sync your Google Calendar to Clockify, enabling you to easily make time entries from your scheduled calls and meetings. Fantastic!”

Who would Grip recommend Clockify to and why?

Grip recommends Clockify to any business that wants to better understand and increase its organizational efficiencies.

Moreover, organizations that launch new products and services would benefit from Clockify’s help in tracking time against budgets and ensuring productivity.

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