How Grip Made Clockify a Part of Their Growth Strategy

Good time tracking software goes way beyond a simple overview of employees’ work hours. It can be an essential tool to help you properly plan your future projects and even grow your business.

A great example of a company that used Clockify for its business growth is Grip. Since its launch in 2016, Grip has been on a mission of connecting people. The company went through major changes after 2020 and was able to transform in difficult times.

Grip understands the importance of proper time management for the success of a business and sees time tracking as an ally for its growth. After thorough research on the best tools that will help their business, Grip chose Clockify and has been using it ever since.

We discussed the value of Clockify for Grip and its growth with Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer. She shared with us more about:

  • Grip’s mission,
  • The benefits of time management and time tracking, and 
  • How Clockify helps Grip drive business value. 
How Grip Made Clockify a Part of Their Growth Strategy - cover

The mission behind Grip 

Grip facilitates event organization. As a networking medium, Grip enables event organizers to host virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. That way, Grip helps event organizers:

  • Enhance event satisfaction scores,
  • Increase growth, and
  • Boost revenue. 

With AI, Grip aids billions of interactions during events. Grip’s COO, Maria Martin, highlights the value of AI for Grip:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Grip goes beyond networking. It combines AI with billions of interactions happening across the platform and an intuitive mobile event app so participants meet the right people at the right time.”

Results are astonishing — long-term customers, innovation awards, and successful events in 47 countries!

In 2020, Grip switched from on-site to virtual networking, which was a major operational challenge. According to Martin, Grip was able to adapt to challenging times because its mission centered around connecting people never changed:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“The key to navigating this transition and ensuring the continuous growth of our business lies in the steadfast commitment to our mission. Despite external changes, our core purpose remained unchanged, providing a rallying point for our dedicated team.”

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Empowered employees are at the core of Grip’s growth

Grip’s 100 employees come from various parts of the world, including the UK, North America, the Middle East, Serbia, and Spain. The company opted for a “dynamic blend” of remote work and on-site working. This provides enough flexibility for workers and allows them to enjoy the benefits of both remote and on-site work. 

Martin explains that Grip’s offices serve as a place for meeting and learning:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Our offices serve as hubs for collaboration, client meetings, social gatherings, strategic sessions, and departmental learning and development training.”

According to the team, Grip successfully found the balance between on-site and remote work. Based on their feedback, this flexible model increases productivity and improves employee well-being. 

Even though many employees live far away from its base, Grip was able to create an empowering environment for everyone. Martin highlights that this empowerment fosters a collaborative culture

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Employees are empowered to challenge themselves and each other every day. This empowerment fosters a culture of unity and collaboration, enabling us to overcome setbacks as one cohesive team.”

She believes empowered workers are the key to the success of a business: 

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“It’s an environment that encourages both personal and professional growth, making our team highly agile in thinking outside the box, problem-solving, and adapting to any situation. These qualities are essential for any business to grow successfully.”

The importance of time management and time tracking for business growth

Martin notes that the main challenge the company faced before time tracking was uncertainty. This uncertainty impacted their ability to forecast accurately:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Prior to tracking time, the lack of precise insights into how much time employees dedicated to specific tasks led to potential underestimation or overestimation of project timelines. This uncertainty had broader implications, impacting our ability to make accurate project forecasts and, subsequently, influencing budgetary decisions.”

For Grip, historical time-tracking data provides a better understanding of the required time for certain tasks and aids in resource planning and allocation. This helps Grip:

  • Allocate workload better,
  • Improve forecasting abilities, and
  • Plan for peak seasons. 

Martin explained that time tracking in projects enables Grip to make informed decisions:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“By leveraging historical data, we make informed decisions related to service delivery commitments to our clients. Ultimately, employee time tracking has become a cornerstone in our approach to optimizing operations and delivering exceptional services to our clients.”

According to Martin, time tracking helps with precise forecasting and allows Grip to make decisions based on reliable data:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“The role of accurate project forecasting has proven instrumental in ensuring decisions are grounded in reliable data, contributing to more informed and strategic business operations.”

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Clockify features that the Grip team enjoys the most

Choosing to test out Clockify was no accident for Grip. Their project management office conducted thorough research to find a tool that was perfect for their company.

What made Clockify stand out are:

Martin notes that Grip uses a streamlined approach to time tracking:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“While the specific tasks may vary across teams, we maintain a simplified system with a set of key tags unique to each team, aligned with their primary deliverables.”

Clockify tags
Use tags to manage time entries in Clockify

Also, she highlights that Grip utilizes Clockify for making their team more efficient: 

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Our philosophy is centered around viewing time tracking not as an additional burden or a tool for monitoring productivity but as a tool to report on trends and enhance overall efficiency.“

According to Martin, there are 2 Clockify features that are crucial for Grip’s business operations:

  • Reports, and
  • Calendar.

Feature #1: Reports

The Clockify Reports feature is among the most valuable aspects of this tool. It allows users to get a clear overview of the time they worked, the project progress, as well as profit generated. 

Clockify reports
Clockify Reports feature gives an insight into the team’s work

Martin believes that the ability to generate insightful and detailed custom reports has helped the company tremendously. Grip uses reports to:

  • Get a clear overview of their time use against resource allocation, and
  • Monitor projects’ progress. 

Martin sees reporting as a game-changer:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Personally, I find the reporting feature to be a game-changer, offering actionable insights that contribute to informed decision-making and overall operational efficiency.”

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Feature #2: Calendar

Up next is the Clockify Calendar feature that helps users visualize their workdays and organize their time better.

They can see their tracked time, view days in blocks, and quickly duplicate existing time blocks. Furthermore, the Clockify Calendar allows users to get an overview of their team members’ schedules. 

Grip syncs their Google Calendar to Clockify Calendar. That way, they can easily create time entries for scheduled calls and meetings. 

Clockify calendar
Clockify can be connected to Google Calendar for easier meeting scheduling

Clockify bonus points: Integrations

As Martin pointed out, one of the major upsides to using Clockify is its integration capabilities. Clockify can be integrated with more than 80 web applications.

Clockify integrations
Some of the Clockify integrations

When searching for software that will help them grow their business, Grip highlighted how seamless it was to integrate Clockify with their existing project management tools and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Certain data points are seamlessly integrated with our project management tools and CRM systems, ensuring comprehensive insights that keep the entire organization, including our partners and clients, well-informed at various levels.”

Who would Grip recommend Clockify to and why

According to Martin, Clockify has “consistently met and exceeded expectations.”  She believes any organization looking to become more efficient should try Clockify:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“Clockify is particularly beneficial for organizations aiming to understand and enhance operational efficiencies, identify areas requiring attention, pinpoint bottlenecks, and analyze trends.”

Martin also thinks Clockify is great for those introducing new products and services on the market:

Maria Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Grip

“For those launching new products or services, Clockify proves indispensable in tracking time spent against set budgets, providing a measure of control and ensuring productivity aligns with predetermined targets.”

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Clockify can help a business thrive

With Clockify, Grip can now focus on providing quality work and successfully forecast their expenses and time. As a result, they can manage their resources using precise information. 

As you can see, the right tools such as Clockify can help a business thrive. 

Clockify removes forecasting uncertainty and allows businesses to understand the use of their time and organize their resources better. 

This tool can be a key aspect of growth strategy and enable you to plan your projects, manage clients’ expectations, and maintain high quality of work for your employees.

Teodora  Coguric

Teodora is a productivity author and researcher. Due to her desire to find the balance between studying, volunteering, and working, she has been tirelessly researching productivity, time management, and remote work in the past couple of years. She is excited to share her insights with readers!


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