Free habit tracker app

Clockify is a simple online habit tracking app that lets you track time you spend on activities, see where the time goes, and improve your time management skills and habits.

Available for web, desktop, and mobile

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How to track productivity with Clockify

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Download app

Clockify is an online app that works across devices.

Time tracker available for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Step 3

Track daily routines

When you start working on something, start the timer with one click in a daily routine app.

daily routine app - start timer
Step 4

Manually log activity

If you don't use the timer (or forgot to start it), you can manually enter what you've worked on.

Habit tracker app - manually log activity
Step 5

Categorize time

Categorize time by category and tag so you can better analyze your habits and see where you spend time.

Habit tracker app - enter details
Step 6

Track habits with one click

Continue timer for an activity by clicking on the acitivity in the list.

Habit tracker app - continue tracking
Step 7

Analyze time

Open Dashboard to see where your time goes so you can identify your productive habits and avoid unproductive ones.

Dashboard where you can analyze tracked time and productive habits

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