See all your tracked time in a Calendar view so you can see:

  • See how your day looks like at a glance and notice work patterns
  • See if you have gaps in day where you forgot to log time
  • See if you double booked time and have overlapping entries

Viewing time #

Your each time entry will appear as a time block in the Calendar's time slots.

Current day is marked as blue in the table header, and current time is indicated by the blue horizontal line.

Each time slot represents 1h, but you can zoom in using the plus sign in the upper left corner all the way down to 30/15/5 minute blocks.

You can hover over a time block to see full entry details, or click on the block to open the full view of the time entry.

You can change the first day of the week in your profile settings.

Adding and editing time (coming later) #

You can edit time entries directly within Calendar:

  • Drag the start/end time edges of the time block to shorten/extend the entry
  • Drag and drop the whole time block to move it to some other time slot (or date)

You can also add time entries directly within Calendar:

  • Click on any open time slot to add a time entry
  • Click and drag up or down to create a time entry for the desired time range