Free time blocking app

Clockify is a free time tracking app for blocked activities that lets you see where you really spend time.

Available for web, desktop, and mobile

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How to track time on blocked activities

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Install time tracking extension for Chrome

Get Clockify Time Tracker on the Chrome Web Store

Step 3

Start timer in Google Calendar

You can block out your day in Google Calendar and then track how much time you really spend on blocked activities.

Time blocking app - start timer
Step 4

Track time inside to-do apps

A timer button will appear in your favorite web apps so you and your team can track time right where you work (Trello, Asana, Todoist, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.).

Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Asana Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Trello Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Todoist
Step 5

Limit work time

You can alocate how much time you want to work by activating the Pomodoro in the Clockify's Chrome extension. Once activated, you can specify how much you want to work, and get a notification when the timer reaches the alloted time.

Pomodoro timer - work timer at 25 minutes Pomodoro timer - start break notification
Step 6

See time spent on activities

Open online Dashboard in your browser to see your most tracked activities and see where you spend the most time.

Dashboard where you can analyze tracked time and productivity
Step 7

Compare estimated vs real time

Set estimates for projects and tasks, and then see how much time you really spend on activities.

Project status shows you how much money projects earn or cost, and how much time was tracked vs estimated
Step 8

Automate time tracking

Connect Clockify to Google Calendar via Zapier so you can:

  • Start timer automatically when an event starts
  • Stop timer automatically when an event ends
  • See tracked time in Google Calendar
Time blocking app - Google Calendar integration via Zapier

Time blocking and tracking features


Track time you spend on activities in real time.


Estimate time and then track time against the estimate.

Completely free

All time tracking features and unlimited users, for free.


Start timer within other productivity web apps.


Create and edit time blocks in Calendar.

In-depth reports

See time broken down by period and activity.

Idle detection

Remove time you've been inactive or away from computer.


Automatically start/stop timer when X happens.


Get notifications when you forget to track time.

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