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4 online planner templates you can use to track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly work and non-work assignments and activities.

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Online Planner Templates

Online planner templates are designed to help you plan your time better - your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly assignments and activities. In general, these templates cover both your professional and personal needs.

Thus, you can use online planner templates to keep track of your business meetings and calls, but also your personal errands, like grocery shopping or buying your friend a birthday present. Apart from these benefits, you can use online planner templates to stay on track with your habits and create meal plans for the following week or month.

If you'd like to share your online planners with your friends, your partner, or colleagues, you can use our Google Docs and Google Sheets templates. On the other hand, if you wish to download your planners and keep them on your computer, feel free to use Word templates. And if you prefer paper to online formats, you can download our PDF templates, print them, and use them that way.

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Daily Online Planner Template

What's it about?

The daily online planner template ensures you keep track of all your major daily tasks. This template includes a work-related section, which covers the Eisenhower Matrix technique table, Daily schedule (organized as time blocks), and Top 3 priorities for the day. When it comes to your personal activities, be sure to write them down in the Errands to run table. This daily planner also contains tables suitable both for your professional and personal tasks, so you can add them in the Don't forget section as well as the Tomorrow's reminder table.

Best for what and who?

Anyone dealing with a lot of various job assignments throughout the day. This planner helps you organize your tasks according to their importance and urgency levels. In addition, you can rest assured that you won't forget meetings and calls. Moreover, this planner can keep track of your personal daily activities, such as grocery shopping, waiting for a delivery service, or having a doctor's appointment. In addition, the daily online planner template ensures that you drink enough water throughout the day.

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Weekly Online Planner Template

What's it about?

The weekly online planner template allows you to keep a record of your weekly responsibilities and activities. In a Weekly review section, you can enter the most significant tasks for each day of the week. This template also includes the Habit tracker, which comes in handy when trying to build particular habits, such as exercising three times a week or reading every day for 30 minutes. Besides, the weekly online planner template helps you remember important dates during a week, like birthdays and holidays. Finally, this template makes meal planning much easier, since you can write down your meal plans either for an entire week or day by day.

Best for what and who?

Anyone willing to have an overview of weekly obligations, either regarding work or non-work. In addition, the weekly online planner template is suitable for anyone who wishes to stay on course with new habits. Moreover, this template is quite helpful for anyone who's currently on a diet or trying to create a healthy meal plan.

How and why to keep track of daily activities and habits

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preview of Weekly Online Planner Template

Monthly Online Planner Template

What's it about?

The monthly online planner template covers the Monthly to-do list for your monthly duties and activities. This table is divided into five weeks, and each week includes a seven-day plan. Aside from that, you can also write down your crucial goals for the following month. Our monthly online planner template also allows you to note down all important dates, like birthdays and holidays. Just like in the weekly online planner, there's the Habit tracker and the Meal plans section. Another valuable part of the monthly online planner is the Books to read section, as well as the Expense tracker.

Best for what and who?

Anyone who wants to have a monthly summary, covering the most vital activities throughout the month. Besides, this template is practical for people who wish to set their monthly goals, both professional and private ones. If you tend to forget important dates, the monthly online planner will help you remember them all. Furthermore, this template is beneficial for anyone who wishes to track their habits and come up with meal plans for the month. If you want to monitor your monthly expenses, you can do that with our monthly online planner template. In addition, whenever a friend or a colleague suggests an interesting book, be sure to write it down in the Books to read section.

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preview of Monthly Online Planner Template

Yearly Online Planner Template

What's it about?

The yearly online planner template includes the Yearly goals table, which covers both business and personal goals for each month. Additionally, there's the Dates to remember section, perfect for writing down important dates throughout the year. Besides, our yearly online planner template provides you with the Health checks table, where you can input all significant health exams during the year.

Best for what and who?

Anyone who wants to set yearly goals in both professional and personal life. Having an overview of your yearly goals will help you organize your monthly assignments and activities. In addition, you can use the Dates to remember section to add important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Moreover, in order not to skip any significant health exams, be sure to note them down in the Health checks table.

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preview of Yearly Online Planner Template

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Apart from using an online planner to monitor all your activities, you can also try Clockify as an activity log app. This way, you'll also have a clearer understanding of your overall productivity.

Here's how you can use an activity log app:

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In addition, you can categorize your time by project and tag. Then, you can go to the Dashboard and have an overview of your activities, which will help you understand where you spent most of your time.

Clockify's dashboard

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