Making invoices for clients manually can be time-consuming – you have to write down your own and your clients’ personal information, set the currency, indicate the date of the invoice and when the service was provided, and do it over and over again, even for recurring invoices.

You’ll also want to make sure your clients’ bills are accurate and generated quickly, so that you get paid faster, and this gets problematic when you’re doing everything manually.

In order to automate this process as much as possible and make it hassle-free, you’ll want to look into some invoicing tools – here are the 13 best free invoicing apps to try out.


In case you are not quite sure how much you need to charge for your services, we suggest that you try our handy Hourly Rate Calculator to get some basic idea based on your industry, location, and experience.

Invoice Quick

Invoice QuickInvoice Quick allows you to create invoice templates and later download them as PDFs.

This invoicing tool offers you the straightforward basics – you can customize your invoices with a logo, indicate your client’s and your own personal information, set the currency, and include the product’s or service’s description, alongside the total bill.

As additional features, you can choose to include discounts or taxes to the total sum, and add special payment terms or notes on specific clients.

If you expect to receive the payment via mail, you can add another additional feature – the payment stub. This feature indicates your company’s information, which makes it easier for you to get paid.

Customers can also pay you via PayPal, if you indicate your PayPal email address in the invoice.


WaveWave is an invoicing tool aimed at small businesses and freelancers – it’s perfect for those who do their own accounting.

With this cloud-based tool, you can generate and send out invoices, generate reports about your finances, perform accounting and payroll tasks, track all expenses, scan receipts, and more.

You’ll also be able to track the status of your invoices, set estimates, and customize your invoice to match your brand’s or company’s colors.

The tool provides all these features for free, for an unlimited number of users, clients, expenses and reports.


BrightbookBrightbook offers all of its features for free – you’ll be able to manage your invoices and accounting tasks for multiple companies and accounts.

This invoicing tool lets you calculate your profits and losses, generate tax reports, get insights  into how much money clients owe you, and create and send professional-looking, branded invoices.

You’ll be able to add multiple users, and select who can see what –  this is a great option if you want additional privacy and security.

Brightbook also allows you to create invoices from you client’s quotes – once you receive a quote you can convert it to an invoice in just one click.

If your business mostly sells products, you can make use of the “Categorize your sales” option and create groups of items you sell. This way, you’ll be able to quickly select the correct item when creating the invoice.

In essence, this invoicing tools is perfect for small businesses, start ups, freelancers, contractors and the self-employed.

Invoice Ocean

Invoice OceanInvoice Ocean is an online invoicing software that’s all about speed – it promises you can generate professional-looking and accurate invoices in under 30 seconds.

This software automates the creation of invoices by providing you with auto-completion based on the data you’ve entered earlier. The software also adds pre-defined VAT rates, as soon as you pick the suitable rate.

To speed up the process of entering client’s information, Invoice Ocean lets you add just the client’s ID, and then it automatically adds the rest of the data.

Once you’ve generated the invoice, you can send it as a link within an email to the client, directly in the app.  The client can then view it online, or download it as a PDF.

One of the more useful features of this app is the “Recurring invoices” option. This feature allows you to set up a date when the invoice will automatically be sent to the client. When this happens, both you and the client will get an email notification – this’ll ensure you never forget about an invoice.

Invoice Generator

Invoice GeneratorInvoice Generator is a web-based invoice creator with basic features – its simplicity makes it perfect for anyone who’s only interested in generating invoices, without making use of special features.

It’s minimalistic and easy to use: you can add the client’s and your own information, indicate the sum to be paid and the payment terms, as well as add your company logo, before sending the invoice out. As soon as you visit the website, you’re prompted to fill out an invoice – the editable template is located on the main page.

The Invoice Generator also allows you to save templates for similar invoices, add notes, and provide information on the payment fees, payments methods and the schedule of delivery to your client.

Once the client receives the invoice, he or she can download it as a PDF, or pay it online.

Paper Free Billing

Paper Free BillingAs a contrast to the Invoice Generator, Paper Free Billing is an invoicing software whose main draw is the great number of features and extra options.

With it, you’ll be able to generate PDF and HTML invoices, and then send them directly from web application to your client’s email.

Apart from the basic features, Paper Free Billing also allows you to request and accept partial payments, send in reminders for overdue payments, accept payments via PayPal, generate Thank You templates, and much more.

For even faster invoicing within your business, this software lets you indicate recurring invoices, and send them out automatically at the dates you specify.

The app also secures and saves all the records on your sent invoices and incomes, so you can access and analyze this data at any time.


ReliaBillsReliaBills offers a number of great feature for free, although it includes some great additional features in its paying plan. It’s mostly aimed at small businesses – they state they don’t offer enterprise options.

With the free plan, you get to generate unlimited invoices, for an unlimited amount of clients, with unlimited amounts of emails. You’ll also be able to add as many users to the system as you want, and assign them with “roles” indicating their specific access within your invoicing records.

ReliaBills enables you to create customized invoices, with your brand’s colors and logos included – afterwards, you can import them individually, or in bulks. Once the client receives an invoice, he or she can approve it with just one click, or ask you for a follow up.

The best part of the free plan here is that you can track the status of your reminders for invoices: you’ll know whether the client has opened the email, and whether the email has arrived at all.


SimplyBillSimplyBill is a cloud-based invoicing tool that helps you generate and send out up to 3 customized invoices, as a part of the tool’s Free Plan.

This invoicing tool is great for freelancers who charge by the hour – apart from the usual information, this invoicing tools allows you to indicate each of the services you’ve provided to the client, as well as the hourly rate for each service.

SimplyBill also allows you to track when each invoice you’ve sent is due, whether it has been opened, and what the sales taxes for it are.

A feature that makes this tool especially useful is its Reports section – you’ll be able to see at a glance how much money you’ve earned in a certain time period, and compare results from different time periods, all based on the data from your invoices.

Invoice Journal

Invoice JournalInvoice Journal offers you the ability to generate, customize and send out invoices, as well as manage your inventory of products, all from a centralized system.

This invoicing tool enables you to convert estimates into invoices, and make use of the “recurring invoices” option to schedule certain invoices so that they’re sent at regular intervals.

The Free Forever plan of the program promises invoicing for one user – with this plan, you can generate 30 invoices per month for an unlimited number of clients.

The one group of features that stands out, is the app’s client and product features. You’ll be able to filter out and track your clients, as well as import client and product data from other apps into the Invoicing Journal system.


HanddyHanddy offers a number of great features in its Free Plan. You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of invoice for an unlimited number of clients, set whether the invoice should be recurring or not with a click, and add taxes to your total sum.

Once they’re generated, you’ll also be able to export your invoice in PDF or Excel. When your client receives the invoice, he or she will be able to pay you through a debit card, credit card, or a PayPal account.

When it comes to managing your invoices and the data they encompass, Handdy will let you track what invoices have been opened or paid; you’ll also be able to see your finance’s history 9 months back.

Street Invoice

Street Invoice

Street Invoice is an Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows app for invoicing – with its Free Plan, you can generate up to 15 free invoices.

This software allows you to generate invoices and bills, make estimates, quotes and proposals, and later convert these quotes and estimates to invoices. You’ll also be able to manage potential credit memos and refunds, as well as put an electronic signature to each invoice.

Street Invoice helps you automate the invoicing process further by:

  • setting due dates automatically, once you’ve set the payment terms
  • automatically calculating the total amount due, and the taxes
  • allowing the customers to pay the bill via PayPal, by clicking on the PayPal button provided

The invoicing tool also provides you with various methods of sending out the invoice (via email, text message or by printing it out and sending it), lets you track client balance and profits, sync your data across various devices, and many more.


InveezyInveezy is another instant-invoicing tool that lets you access a customizable invoice template and edit it, directly in the app’s main web page – no login is needed.

If you’re interested in your invoicing history, you can make use of the option to receive all your invoices at once in one email.

You’ll also be able to choose whether you want to be paid via PayPal, Stripe or by Cheque, by checking the correct box.

Apart from the regular branding, item description and billing information, Inveezy offers you the option to save an unfinished invoice as a draft, or save it as a quote.

Apart from the web-based option, you can try Inveezy on Android.

Invoice Place

Invoice PlaceInvoice Place allows you to create invoices, receipts, estimates and quote. You can generate invoices in the app itself, or you can download one of the 4 available templates in MS Word, and enter data from there.

The Lite Plan of the tool is free, and offers you 5 invoices, receipts, quotes and estimates per month. Once you start working on your invoices, you’ll be able to save them as drafts. When you send them out, you’ll be able to track their status and see at a glance which invoices are pending, and which are already overdue.

Invoice Place’s invoices also have a great feature for businesses whose main area of operation is selling products: you can add the item in the description field, and then indicate its size and weight, or the time you’ve spent crafting it.

Clockify (Time Tracking + Invoicing)

Using Clockify for InvoicingOf course, in order to correctly calculate how much your clients owe you, you’ll need to track your billable hours. This way, you’ll get a detailed insight in how much time you’ve spent on their projects, and how much you’re owed for that time, in relation to your hourly rate.

With Clockify, you’ll be able to set your hourly rates – for each project, for each team member individually, for each team member working on a particular project, or for your entire team as a whole.

Afterwards, just instruct all team members how to correctly track time:

  1. For each new activity you want to bill your client with, start a new timer in the work hours tracker; add the description of the activity, appropriate project, tag, task to this time entry, and mark it as billable
  2. Once you’re done with the activity, stop the timer – this’ll add the time entry to your list of time entries and associate it with that project, tag and task

Anytime you’re done with the project, you can go to Reports, filter by specific project (or client, if the client has multiple projects you need to bill), and see the total amount of hours tracked, and what you are due for that time. You can also export this data in Excel or PDF, for a more precise breakdown.

Later, you can invoice all uninvoiced billable hours and create invoices based on tracked time directly in Clockify.


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