Time Tracking for SAP Payroll

Free time tracking solution for employees. Track employee hours, manage expenses and attendance, and export reports for SAP payroll.

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Free time tracking software for SAP
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What is Clockify? (8:26)

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How to run SAP payroll with Clockify

Step 1a

Track employee hours

Assign team members to projects, and let them track their billable and non-billable hours via a timer, timesheet, or kiosk. Use mobile, web, desktop, or tablet, and set reminders for timesheet approval.

If you want to transfer previously tracked hours to Clockify, see how to import hours and not lose any of the recorded time, projects, clients, users, and tags.

time tracking methods for SAP payroll timesheet mobile kiosk
Step 1b

Auto-track tasks and hours

See how much time you spend across programs and create timesheets based on your activity. With Clockify's auto-tracker, all data is stored on your computer until you transfer them as time entries to Clockify online.

Step 2

Record attendance

Create team-specific or general leave policies. Make it possible for people to request multiple hours off across days, and a negative time off balance.

Manage requests, approvals, and time off accruals right from one tab.

time off time tracking
Step 3

Track company expenses

Set employee hourly rates and see how much you should pay them for their working hours. Manage expenses across projects, attach receipts, and generate expense reports.

⏩ See how to calculate payroll and hours worked.

Expense and labor costs tracking
Step 4

Export detailed reports to SAP

Create expense reports for each project or team based on scheduled and tracked hours.

Choose a time period for which you want to export data, filter teams, clients, projects, and more, and import detailed reports to SAP to perform the payroll. Facilitate workflow by setting up auto-reports to fit into your process.

Download report samples: PDFCSVExcel

PDF time exports

What Clockify adds to the SAP payroll

Clockify is a perfect complementary time tracker for SAP that comes with advanced time tracking features.

Control overtime work

Monitor employee overtime hours across projects. See who worked how much and when, and manage overtime payments.

⏩ Check out this Free Overtime Calculator to stay on top of numbers.

Attendance report in Clockify (screenshot)

Keep payroll data accurate

Prevent incorrect and incomplete time logs with Clockify’s required fields. Set what every time entry needs to contain to be saved. Run time audits to find incorrect time entries, fix and export exact data.

Required fields example

Manager Dashboard

Project Dashboard displays what's in progress, which team members are working on what projects, and how many hours are spent on each project.

Dashboard feature in Clockify (screenshot)

Forecast progress

See how you’ve performed on recurring projects each month and make predictions based on scheduled assignments. See if the project will go over or under the set time or budget estimates.

Forecast progress in Clockify

Super simple and efficient timekeeping

Quick setup

No installation required. Setup takes less than a minute.

Simple interface

Navigate easily through a clean and organized workspace.

Offline mode

Track time offline on mobile or desktop. Sync data later.

Low cost

Get started for free. Upgrades start from $3.99 per user.

Manager role

Offload your work to team and project managers.

24/7 support

Contact us via email, chat, or phone. Response within 1h.

Best rated timekeeping software

4.7 (out of 5) rating, based on 4,000+ reviews.

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I love Clockify's ease of use and smart reporting

We used to collate this data on individual time sheet spreadsheets, which required manual input and reporting, and hours of time. Clockify takes a few minutes a week to fill in for each team member, and reporting is so simple and is instantaneous when you select your reporting criteria and filters.

— Katy S., COO in HR business

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I used to get myself in a mess with Excel timesheets

Clockify is ideal for my needs. I work part-time for a client working as his executive assistant and his bookkeeper. I was getting myself in a mess just using a timesheet created in MS Excel and when I discovered Clockify I was over the moon with joy. I keep Clockify open in the background and I switch projects when I start the work and when I finish the work. I used to under invoice for my time and lose income but now I can bill for every second I work on his projects. Also, it has great reporting function and can either print off or save as a PDF or Excel etc. So not only do I invoice my client, I've also got exact data for the time I carry out each of his tasks

— Ruth Manser, Executive Assistant & Bookkeeper