Getting Started

Onboarding checklist

  1. Configure your profile settings (time format, week start, time grouping)
  2. Connect Google or Outlook calendar
  3. Create projects, categorize them by client, and create tasks (or import them)
  4. Set budget and estimates to track progress
  5. Start trial for paid features
  6. Configure workspace settings (set permission and enable various features)
  7. Activate timesheet or kiosk
  8. Set up and launch a kiosk
  9. Invite team members
  10. Set up groups, managers, and assign members
  11. Assign members/groups to projects and tasks
  12. Set up hourly rates (billable and cost rates)
  13. Download time tracking apps
  14. Check who works on what in Dashboard
  15. Download and share frequently used reports
  16. Create and publish schedules
  17. Set up time off policies and give members days off
  18. Record expenses and create invoices
User interface displayed in this video may not correspond to the latest version of the app.

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