Self-Hosted Time Tracking Software

Clockify is time tracking and employee timesheet software. You can use cloud version for free, or pay for a self-hosted version and host Clockify on your own servers and premises.

Self-hosting time tracking system is for companies who:

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Used by

Over 10,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity

Why choose to self-host Clockify

Get all the features

The self-hosted version has the same time tracking, reporting, and user management features as the cloud version (as well as future updates).

Own all your data

Host Clockify on your own private servers so you can have complete control over security and data privacy.

Admin panel

Manage user details and reset accounts from a special admin pannel.

Custom development

We can efficiently build custom features on top of Clockify so it satisfies your organizational needs.

System integration

We can integrate Clockify with your internal systems to automate data flow (or you can use our API).

Single sign-on

The self-hosted version comes equipped with Single Sign-On authentication (Active Directory/LDAP/SAML2) support.

Hassle-free installation

We help you install Clockify on a private server and make sure everything works properly.

Support & SLA

Define the level of service you expect from us and get priority support.

Custom branding

Make Clockify visually match your corporate identity (colors, logo, and URL).

Technical details

Clockify can be hosted on your own internet network (and be physically in your organization), which is perfect for corporation with strict data policies. The setup is quick and easy, you don’t have to worry about GDPR or other EU regulatives because you own the data yourself, and your data can’t be accessed outside of your organization.

Alternatively, you can get a private cloud instances with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. If you host a private cloud instance, we can setup new servers for you from zero (t2.large instances can easily support 3000 users per minute, but if you don't need that much, t2.small will do the job).



Completely FREE


Starting from $450 per month

About us

Clockify is developed by COING, a software development company with more than 9 years of experience in software consulting. We have developed software solutions for hundreds of clients from all over the world.

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