Self-Hosted Time Tracking Software

Clockify is time tracking software that you can host on your own servers and premises. There's also a cloud version that is completely free.

Self-hosting Clockify is for companies that need time tracking and timesheets, but:

Why choose self-hosted Clockify

Get all the features

Self-hosted version has the same time tracking, reporting, and user management features as the cloud version. Plus, we constantly work on new features.

Own all your data

When you host Clockify on your own servers, you have complete control over security and data privacy.


Self-host Clockify on your premises and servers so you’re in total control and don’t have to depend on anyone.

Custom development

We know Clockify code inside out, which makes us extremely efficient when it comes to building what you need on top of Clockify.

Integration with your systems

We can integrate Clockify with your internal systems so they have the data you need.

Custom branding

Clockify can match your corporate identity (colors, logo, and URL).

Installation and setup assistance

We help you install Clockify and make sure everything works properly. The whole process is hassle-free.

Personal support and quality assurance

You can always get to us in case something goes wrong. Plus, bugs you report get a priority status.

Employee training

Clockify is very simple to use. But, if you need extra guidance, we'll organize webinars to help you master Clockify.

About us

Clockify is developed by COING, a software development company with more than 9 years in field of software consulting. We have developed software solutions for hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Interested in self-hosting Clockify?

Contact us at and we'll see how we can help you.