Why Use Clockify

Get an accurate look at your workweek

Do you ever feel like you work all the time but don't get much done? What you need is real data that shows you exactly where your time goes.

When you start tracking time with Clockify, you'll see where you really spend time each day/week/month, and see how much time you spend on important vs unimportant tasks.


When you begin working on something, just type what you're working on and start the Clockify timer. When you finish, stop the timer and Clockify will save the time entry.

Just type what you're working on and start the timer
Type what you're working on and start the timer. Or, add time manually.

At the end of the day, you'll get an objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart. The longer you use Clockify, the better insight you'll get.

Objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart
Report shows you time breakdown for each project (and how much money you've earned).

At the end of the month, you'll be able to analyze every week, identify time-drains, and improve efficiency.

Clockify has easy-to-use reports that will help you answer questions like:

  • Am I spending too much time on email?
  • What sort of work takes up most of my time?
  • How can I spend more time on important/profitable tasks?
  • What jobs can I delegate or forego?
  • How much time will a new project take, based on past data?
Pro tip

You can attach tags to time entries so you can better analyze where your time goes. For example, you can tag a time entry as "office work" or "project management", and later see in a report what type of work you do the most.

Know when it’s time to raise your prices

Whether you bill by the hour or charge a flat rate, Clockify can help you decide how much you should be charging.


Simply track all your time with Clockify, mark what's billable and what's unbillable, and categorize each time entry by client and project.

Then, run a report in Clockify that will break down all the time entries by project and client, and show you how profitable your week was.

A report that breaks down all your time entries so you can see
            how much money you've earned
Report shows you billable vs non-billable time accross the whole week.

When it comes to client work, you'll spend more hours working on a project than you'll ultimately bill for. Stuff like phone calls, commute, and feedback can take a lot of time which you can’t charge for. But, it all impacts your real hourly rate.

To find out your real hourly rate, add up both billable and unbillable time you’ve spent on a project, and divide it by how much you've earned. Once you know your real hourly rate, you can answer questions like “was that project really worth the hassle?”.

If your real hourly rate is too low, you'll know it’s time to either raise your prices or adjust the client collaboration process. Either way, Clockify will help you better handle your finances.

Project status shows you progress on a project, as well as estimated vs tracked time.

Show your clients how much you’ve worked

Most issues with client billing happen when you can't account for each hour in the invoice. By having a detailed breakdown, you'll have a smoother client collaboration and easier billing.


You can save time on invoicing, plus be 100% transparent with your clients, by having every time entry and hour accounted for in Clockify.

Mark each time record as billable or unbillable. Then, when the time comes to issue an invoice, simply run a report in Clockify, filter by period/project/billability, and download the results in .pdf or .csv (which you can import into a spreadsheet).

You can share or print the report, give it to your accountant, import numbers into some invoicing software, or give the link to the report directly to your client so they can monitor timesheets in real time (without being able to edit anything).

You can export or share the report with your accountant or client
You can export a report as .pdf and send it to your client. Or, you can use it as a basis for creating an invoice.

You can also show clients all the time you worked on a project but didn’t charge them. Once they see how much work you really do for them, they'll appreciate it and will gladly continue working with you.

See how your team is allocating their time

No matter if you have a few assistants or manage a big team, you need to know what everyone is working on, and if they're over (or under) their weekly time quota.


What sets Clockify apart from all the other time tracking apps is that you can have unlimited users, for free. You can invite your whole team to Clockify so everyone can log their time.

As your team tracks time, at the end of each pay period, you can see what they worked on and how many hours.

A weekly report that shows you who worked on what and how many hours
Weekly report shows you how much time each team member tracked during the week.

This allows you to to see:

  • How long it takes to finish certain tasks and projects
  • Whether someone logged more time than needed
  • Reevaluate the need to work on some tasks
  • See who has the most experience with a certain project
  • What sort of job is taking the most time and what it costs the company

You don't have to worry about who can do what in Clockify. You can have a separate workspace for each department so things don't mix up. Plus, you can control who can see billable rates, projects, and other people's time entries.

Clockify is for people who:

  • Loosely manage time and don't know their true productivity
  • Need a faster and easier way to invoice work
  • Manage a large team and need time accountability
  • Provide consulting service to clients and need transparency
  • Can’t bother with other complex time tracking apps that pack more than you need