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For teams that just need a simple and easy to use time tracker

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  •   Unlimited tracking
  •   Unlimited users
  •   Unlimited projects
  •   Unlimited reports
  •   Apps and integrations
  •   Email and chat support
  •   API


$ 9.99 /month (flat)

For companies that need a bit more control over who can do what.

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  •   Hide time from users
    Tooltip icon for private timeHide time from usersHide tracked time so only admins can see everything.
  •   Lock timesheets
    Tooltip icon for locked timeLock timesheetsPrevent regular users from adding or editing past time.
  •   Required fields
    Tooltip icon for Required fieldsRequired fieldsPrevent regular users from submitting time with missing information (project, task, tag, description).
  •   Time rounding
    Tooltip icon for Time roundingTime roundingSet rounding up, down, or to nearest X minutes in reports.
  •   Time audit
    Tooltip icon for Time auditTime auditFilter out suspicious entries: extremely short/long, missing information.
  •   Branded reports
    Tooltip icon for Branded reportsBranded reportsReplace Clockify branding in PDF reports with your company's logo.
  •   Targets and reminders
    Tooltip icon for Targets and remindersTargets and remindersWhen someone forgets to log time, they'll get an automatic reminder via email.


$ 29.99 /month (flat)

For companies that need a robust full-featured time tracker.

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  •   All PLUS features
  •   Add time for others
    Tooltip icon for Add time for othersAdd time for othersAdd time for one or multiple users at once, or fill timesheets for your team yourself.
  •   Project templates
    Tooltip icon for Project templatesProject templatesQuickly create multiple projects with same settings and structure.
  •   Alerts
    Tooltip icon for AlertsAlertsGet an email alert when a project is near or over its estimated time.
  •   Bulk edit
    Tooltip icon for Bulk edit reportsBulk edit reports and projectsQuickly update multiple projects and time entries in reports at once.
  •   Hide pages
    Tooltip icon for Hide pagesHide pagesHide Projects, Reports, and Team pages from regular users.
  •   Automatic lock
    Tooltip icon for Automatic lockAutomatic lockAutomatically lock all time entries each day, week, or month.


$ 9.99 /month per user seat

For organizations that need complete control over their data.

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  •   All PREMIUM features
  •   Single sign-on (SSO)
    Tooltip icon for Single sign-on (SSO)Single sign-on (SSO)Eliminate user-managed passwords and improve security by using your company's authentication system (Office 365, Okta, etc.).
  •   Custom subdomain
    Tooltip icon for Control accountsCustom subdomainMove workspace to custom subdomain, prevent people from having multiple workspaces, and let new users join your workspace automatically.
  •   Control accounts
    Tooltip icon for Control accountsControl accountsManage and edit accounts of your users by logging in as them.
  •   Custom fields
    Tooltip icon for custom fieldsCustom fieldsAdd additional information to time entries and track everything.
  •   Labor cost and profit
    Tooltip icon for labor costsLabor cost and profitDefine labor costs so you can see what you charge clients vs what you pay your team, and apply new rates retroactively.
  •   Time approval
    Tooltip icon for time approvalTime approvalSubmit timesheets for official approval before sending data for billing and payroll.
  •   Manager role
    Tooltip icon for manager roleManager roleGive manager rights to team members so they can manage their projects, see team's time, and approve timesheets.
  •   Force timer
    Tooltip icon for force timerForce timerPrevent people from adding and editing time manually.
  •   Scheduled reports
    Tooltip icon for Scheduled reportsScheduled reportsReceive custom reports via email each day, week, or month.
  •   Import timesheets
    Tooltip icon for Import timesheetsTransfer your old timesheets into Clockify via a file.
  •   Task rates
    Tooltip icon for Task ratesDefine hourly rates on tasks and choose which ones are billable.
  •   Project budget
    Tooltip icon for Project budgetTrack project progress based on fixed monetary fee (plus you can set it to restart each month).
  •   Invoicing
    Tooltip icon for InvoicingCreate invoices based on tracked time.
  •   GPS tracking
    Tooltip icon for GPS trackingSee all visited client sites by your remote field workers.
  •   Screenshots
    Tooltip icon for ScreenshotsGet screenshots every 5 minutes while your timer is running.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any limits in the free plan?

There are no limits! Track as much time and invite as many users as you want, without ever having to upgrade. The whole reason why we've created Clockify in the first place was to make time tracking affordable to teams of all sizes.

Can I try out the extra features?

Absolutely! You can try out all the extra features for free for one whole week, no credit card required. You can activate the free trial on the Upgrade page.

Does it matter how many users I have?

Pricing for Plus and Premium plans is flat (it doesn't matter how many users you have). Pricing for Enterprise plan depends on the number paid user seats (which can't be less than the number of active users in the workspace). All upgrades and payments are done on a per workspace basis.

Are there any additional taxes?

No, we take care of all the taxes. The price you see is what you'll get charged in the end. You can enter your VAT number, but it will only be used as an additional piece of information displayed in your invoices.

How canceling works?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in just a couple of clicks on the Upgrade page. Once you cancel and the current subscription expires, you will be downgraded to the free version and no further charges will be made. You won't lose any data (canceling only affects access to the extra features).

Can I switch to another plan?

Yes, you can switch between different plans and billing cycles at any time. If you're upgrading, you'll be immediately charged a prorated price and immediately get access to the new features. If you're downgrading, the new plan will start once your current (higher) plan expires.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds. But, if you were mistakenly charged due to system error, contact us and we'll immediately issue you a refund. If you wish to test extra features, we recommend activating the free trial first, BEFORE making any payment.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer 2 months free when paying annually. Other than that, there are no discounts. The free plan doesn't have any limitations and is perfectly suited for schools and non-profits. Our paid plans are the most competitive on the market.


Hide time from users

Want to prevent users on your workspace from seeing all time?

Usually, people in your workspace can see everyone's time entries. But you can limit their access and hide them completely so each regular user on the workspace can only view their own entries.

Extra features Hide time from users

Lock timesheets

Want to prevent team members from editing past timesheets?

Lock all timesheets before a certain date so only admins can make further edits. Also, your team will no longer be able to add backdated time entries. Once timesheets are locked, you can safely invoice your client and calculate payroll, knowing that no one will accidentally change the data.

Extra features Lock timesheets

Required fields

Having trouble with incomplete time entries?

Make your most important fields required so no one can create entries with missing information (like details of what was done). Once entries are properly categorized, you'll no longer have to spend hours fixing other people's timesheets.

Extra features Required fields

Time rounding

Need rounded up time in reports?

Switch rounding on and off so you can analyze reports easier and send them over to clients.

Extra features Time rounding

Time audit

Need to clean up your reports?

Find all uncategorized entries or entries that are suspiciously short/long, and fix them. Once everything is properly labeled and cleaned up, you can lock them and share the report with clients.

Extra features Time audit

Branded reports

Need professional-looking reports?

Upload your company logo and every report your export in PDF will contain your company's logo, making your reports look much more professional. Plus, PDFs will no longer have the "Created with Clockify" at the bottom.

Extra features Branded reports

Targets & reminders

People often forget to log their time?

Add reminders for your team where you'll detailed who needs to log how much time (eg. 40h/week). Once someone falls behind, they'll get an automatic reminder via email to log the missing time, so you'll no longer have to badger your team to log their hours.

Extra features Targets & reminders


Add time for others

Can't wait for your team to log their time?

Add time on other people's behalf right from the report. You can add time either for a single user, or for a whole group at once. Or alternatively, switch to your teammate's timesheet and quickly populate their timesheet for them. This way, you'll no longer have to wait for someone to add the missing time.

Extra features Add time for others

Project templates

Need to set up a lot of identical projects?

Once you have a project with tasks set up, set it as a template. Then, every time you create a new project, you'll be able select the template and have all the tasks and settings copied over to the new project. Perfect if you have a lot of similar projects for different clients.

Extra features Project templates


Need to know when a project is over budget?

Set time estimates for your projects. The moment a project comes near the alloted time, you'll get an alert via email and know that it's time to review progress.

Extra features Alerts

Bulk edit

Need to find and update a lot of stuff at once?

Select all the time entries or projects you wish to update, and then edit their properties. Perfect for record keeping, like when you need to mark entries as invoiced, move them to a different project, mark projects as private, etc.

Extra features Bulk edit

Hide pages

Need to limit access to certain information?

Hide pages that others don't need so only admins can access them. In case you have a lot of contractors, you can hide the Team page so people don't see other members, hide Projects and Reports so people can focus just on tracking time.

Extra features Hide pages

Automatic lock

Need to lock timesheets each day or week?

Set automatic lock and the lock date will get auto-updated each day, week, or month so you don't have to do it manually any more.

Extra features Automatic lock


Single sign-on

Need to make sure the system is super secure?

Eliminate user passwords and require everyone in your team to log in using your company's IdP authentication system. Clockify supports all protocols (LDAP/AD, SAML2, OAuth2) used by all major identity providers (Office 365, Azure, Google, Okta, etc.)

Extra features single sign-on

Custom subdomain

Need a private workspace?

Create a subdomain and move your whole workspace there so your team never has to wonder if they track time in the right workspace. You can also let your employees join automatically, and they won't be able to have multiple workspaces.

Extra features custom subdomain

Control accounts

Need a direct access to your teams' accounts?

See all your users' information, edit their name and email, manage their API keys, and log-in as them for troubleshooting purposes.

Extra features control accounts

Custom fields

Need to track additional information?

Add custom fields to time entries and track anything you imagine: expenses, mileage, number of processed units, job codes, location, equipment, payment status, task status, project ID, deal number, links to receipts, documentation….

In addition to user data, you can also track project metadata (perfect for creating pivot tables and integrating Clockify with external systems).

Extra features custom fields

Labor cost and profit

Need to know how profitable your projects are?

In addition to billable rates, you can also define labor costs of each user and project. Then, Clockify will calculate what each time entry costs you (doesn't matter if an entry is billable or not), and you can compare what you charge clients vs what you pay your team.

When you run a report, you can decide whether you wish to see billable amounts, costs amounts, or profit per any group you wish.

When updating hourly rates, you can choose to apply new rates retroactively: either to all entries, or to all entries since a certain date (eg. someone got a raise on 01/01/2020).

Extra features labor costs

Time approval

Need to approve time before it goes to payroll?

Users can submit their weeks or holiday requests for approval. Then, the supervisor can approve (or reject) the timesheet before it goes to payroll.

Once time is approved, it can no longer be changed (not even by admin). In case of mistake, the approval has to be witdhrawn, but the written trail of who made the changes, when, and why will permanently remain.

Extra features time approval

Manager role

Need to give someone more permissions?

Make someone a team manager so they can see their team’s time and approve their timesheets.

Or, make someone a project manager so they can see tracked time on their projects and edit everything on their projects (eg. create tasks, add project members, set estimates, etc).

Extra features manager role

Force timer

Want to prevent people manually adding their time?

Enable "Force timer" and everyone in your team will have to use the timer in order to fill their timesheets. Regular users also won't be able to change start or end time of their existing entries.

Extra features force timer

Scheduled reports

Want to receive time reports via email?

Select date range (eg. Last Month), filter a report by some criteria, and create a link to it. You can then mark the report as scheduled and receive a summary via email each day, week, or month.

Extra features scheduled reports

Import timesheets

Need to import your old timesheets from a file?

Prepare a CSV file in Excel, and then import it. Clockify will analyze the file, create any missing projects and clients, and import all the time entries in it for both you and your team.

You can also export a CSV from Clockify's Detailed report and import it right back into Clockify in some other workspace, which can be useful if you need backup or need to move a lot of time entries between workspaces.

Extra features import timesheets

Task rates

Do you charge different hourly rates for different tasks?

Define a special hourly rate for each task on a project, and choose which tasks are billable and which non-billable by default.

Extra features Task rates

Project budget

Have fixed-fee projects?

Set a monetary estimate on projects, and Clockify will take all the time entries on that project and their hourly rates, and compare their total amount with the budget so you can know how much of the budget has been used up.

You'll also receive email alerts when a project goes close or over budget so you can notify your clients on time.

You can also turn on "Reset estimate/budget every month" so you can more easily track spending and retainers.

Extra features Project budget


Need to make invoices based on tracked time?

You can create invoices for your clients, which you can download as PDF and send to your clients. You can make invoices from scratch, or invoice your existing time entries from Clockify.

Extra features Invoicing

GPS tracking

Want to see when client sites were visited?

Enable GPS tracking and every time your team start/stop the timer via Clockify mobile app (iOS/Android), the app will pick up their location and you can see all the clients that were visited that day.

Extra features GPS location tracking


Want to see work as it unfolds in real-time?

Enable screeshots and Clockify's screenshot recording app will take a screenshot every 5 minutes your timer is running.

Extra features Screenshots



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Extra features Screenshots

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